When we’re young, we go through our fair share of ups and downs, especially in the relationship department. It’s always fun to play the field and it is in fact well advised to experience the different ways in which people function.

There is such a thing as finding ‘the one’ however, and usually it happens when you least expect it, yet you always just kinda know. Here’s a few signs that tell you she’s ‘the one’.

1. She picks up your call even though it’s the 7th time you’re drunk dialling her and making zero sense.

2. You can laugh with total abandon around her without feeling weird.

3. She tells you who’s been trying to hit on her and you laugh about it together. She makes you feel secure, never jealous.

4. You can’t think of anything better than seeing her after a long day at work.

5. You feel totally at ease even while the two of you are silent.

6. You don’t want anything about her to change, and whatever flaws you thought she had become things that make you like her more.

7. You can’t really imagine chilling with a different woman in any capacity other than as friends.

8. You can lie in bed together, laughing, talking and cuddling, without necessarily thinking about sex.

9. You guys are pretty much best friends as well, and you know she’ll always be there.

10. She supports you in things that you believe in, completely and wholeheartedly.

11. She doesn’t get jealous about every little thing and lets you have your space.

12. You constantly wonder why you guys didn’t meet earlier.

13. You always found it hard to use the ‘L’ word, but with her it just comes naturally.

14. Whenever you think about happiness, the first thing that comes to your mind is her face.

15. The thought of marriage might horrify you, but with her, you just can’t wait!

If these signs match up, then you may have found the one!