From drinking cobra blood to passing live grenades and almost freezing to death, these military exercises are some of the most insane things you will come across. Drawing a fine line between life and death, these are designed to make one conquer one’s limits and explore one’s potential. We will never know if it is absolutely necessary to put anyone under these conditions or if it is done to intimidate foreign powers, but let’s find out what it is all about!

1. People’s Liberation Army Of China

‘Hot Potato’ with a grenade

What happens here is, the PLAC pulls the pin of the grenade for it to go live ! In no time, a group of soldiers start passing the live grenade before the last one throws it in a hole which is within earshot. The story doesn’t end here. After throwing the grenade, they have to make a leap and cover their heads to save themselves. It is s een as an exercise to instill discipline, precision, and learn how to deal with live weapons.

But aren’t there any other ways to do it?

2. Belarus Army

Tightrope walking over burning logs

A land-locked country in Europe, the Belarus Army trains its soldiers to walk a tightrope over burning logs. As if it was not crazy enough, it heats up the situation by shooting bullets at their feet from below.


3. US Navy SEAL

Freezing in the surf

Made to lie down and link their arms, while submerging their heads in the cruel ice cold water of the ocean, for eight minutes, periodically, and then made to run and rub their bodies in the sand dunes only to get ready for the next round, this exercise is a compulsory course in the US Navy. They are made to shout at the top of their voice as the waves come crashing over them.

Source: sfgate

4. US Marines

Drinking the blood of cobras

While survival tactics is a must-know for everybody, this bizarre exercise involves an eleven-day survival training in the jungles of Thailand. Apart from eating the tail of a cobra and drinking its blood, it includes biting off a chicken head and eating scorpions.

Daily Mail

5. Taiwan Marines

Crawling through a bed of rocks

It forms the final stage of the ‘Amphibious Training Program’ in Zuoying. Known as the ‘Road to Heaven’, it isn’t really named right. These soldiers have to crawl through a 50-metre long path filled with rocks and corals with sharp edges . Painful beyond imagination , these training exercises create a class of other-worldly human beings.

Business Insider

6. Russian Army

Learning to take the pain

The Spetsnaz Pain Management Training includes smashing a burning concrete slab in half with a sledgehammer on a recruit’s stomach, getting punched in the stomach by the commanding officer and not being allowed to flinch at all. It sure leaves no room for more pain.

7. Russian Special Force

Taking a shot to the chest

This is a part of the Special Forces training in Russia. Said to inculcate a sense of calm and courage, it involves getting shot in the chest, of course, while wearing a bulletproof vest. Some manage to get away with it and some end up getting injured. At a close range, they are shot in the torso and are expected to fire back. Titanium much!

8. British RAF

Exposure to tear gas

This must be the saddest training of all. Recruits are sent to a tear gas chamber in full gear and asked to remove the gear after they enter the chamber. The sudden exposure to tear gas makes a stronger impact than it otherwise would have. In this condition, they are ordered to shout their name and numbers, loud and clear, while getting out of breath.

9. South Korean Army

Fighting in the snow

Over 200 soldiers of South Korea’s Special Forces travel to Pyeongchang which has a staggeringly cold temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius. Here, they go shirtless, run a marathon, wrestle, throw snow balls at each other and do gymnastics.

10. Taliban

Suicide bomber in the making

Okay! I cannot decide which is the worst in the list! I somehow don’t want to be unfair here. So, here they are, the famous suicide bombers of Taliban. Lured in with promises of a glory-filled and charming afterlife, they are taught to handle explosives precisely and put through grueling sessions mentally and physically to be fearless. The end results are well known.


Even if they manage to sound bat-shit crazy, these are some of the most dehumanising exercises to be conducted. Needed or not, the argument continues.