Footwear completes an outfit. A really great pair of shoes can make even the most boring outfit look amazing. But hold on, shoes can be tricky. Those fashionable heels can be a real pain, quite literally. Those cool sandals can give you shoe-bites and blisters.

Thankfully, there are clever ways to take care of your shoes and to say goodbye to discomfort.

Here are 10 shoe hacks that will make your painful shoe-woes go away:

1. Lace your shoes in this pattern for more room for your feet. It’s great for athletes or people who want movement for their feet.

2. Try rubbing alcohol on the insides of the shoe and wear with socks to stretch it

3. Blisters on your feet are very annoying and painful. Put an end to them by applying clear gel deodorant on the heels of your foot

4. Can’t seem to walk in the pointed high heels? Here’s a tip

5.  Slippery shoes can cost you your nose. Rub the bottom soles with sandpaper to make it less slippery

6. Bad odour from shoes are very easy to eliminate

7. Need to waterproof your cloth shoes? Rub beeswax on them.

8. Initially, you shoes may seem too tight. Wear them with socks on and blow-dry to loosen them.

9. Narrow boot shafts can be hard on the ankles. Widen the shaft with a stretch spray and a roll of newspaper

10. Squeaky shoes can make you the centre of attraction for all the wrong reasons. Baby powder to the rescue!

So go on, put your best foot forward!