Mother knows best.

And for a reason! Even before you knew the meaning of the word shopping, your mother had been doing it for you. And now that you're all grown up, who better than the expert to guide you along the process and become a partner in crime? She's the only person in the world who knows you better than yourself and no one else, not even your BFF, can match up to the shopping gyaan you get from her!

Here are 28 reasons why m aa makes the best shopping buddy for all of us.

1. You never have to pay.

Unless it's your salary treat and you insist on paying, you can happily empty her wallet, with the best of her blessings.

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2. The two of you have a similar choice of things and so you always pick the right ones for each other. Perfect teamwork!

What you like, she likes and vice versa!

3. Your shopping efforts are greatly reduced when she's around.

4. You rarely feel the need to question her choice because she knows the kind of things you like and dislike.

There is hardly an argument over the things you want to buy. Even before you developed your tastes, she knew what would and wouldn't look good on you.

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5. She has a solution to all your shopping problems.

Whether it's about the right kind of prints or the type of look you're trying to nail, she's been there and knows it all.

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6. You wind up with a well-spent mother-daughter day.

The two of you get to catch up on every little detail happening in your lives.

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7. You end up doing a lot of other things too such as eating out and going for spa/saloon trips.

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8. You never have to check the time when you're out shopping with her.

You can easily lose track of time and shop for hours without feeling tired!

9. Most often, she comes with your father's credit card too!

Shop all you want!

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10. Every purchase becomes a good purchase because she knows what looks best on you.

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11. You don't go through a post-shopping guilt trip either.

Let's face it, all of us have a closet full of things we just buy and never wear. Shopping with our mothers keeps that in check.

12. She prevents you from going on insane, uncontrollable shopping sprees.

She keeps you from splurging out of your mind and buying things you don't really need.

13. She is your most honest critic with some valuable comments.

Unlike your friends, she will never lie to you about the clothes you try out.

14. You don't feel embarrassed to try on new and different styles of clothing.

She's seen you naked! What more could she judge you for?

15. You can slyly persuade her to buy things for herself that you know only you would use.

Especially the things she's not letting you buy but you really want. She probably knows what you're up to too, but would let you have your way.

16. If you dislike shopping, having her along is like a blessing in disguise.

You hardly have to use your head. She picks up all the right things for you.

17. You get to proudly flaunt the things she buys for you and proclaim "My mom's the best" .

18. And you also get to tell your friends the choice wasn't yours if something turns out to be a complete disaster!

You can casually put the blame on her without her knowledge. She wouldn't really care or get mad at you. A clear win-win!

19. Shopping with her is never tiring. It always leaves you upbeat and fresh.

After all, mother-daughter bonding is one of the coolest things to experience.

20. Her years of experience in shopping greatly and effectively add to yours.

Experience always helps in choosing well. Thus, a productive company to have around.

21. Which is why you can conveniently borrow/copy her sophisticated taste of products!

She's your mother for a reason. You never have to feel weird about copying her style!

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22. She has many well-found shopping places and last minute "I urgently need to buy this" jugaads available for you.

A quick and urgent shopping trip with her is equally fruitful!

23. She's well versed with all the tricks and economics of shopping!

You can never be fooled by any over-smart shopkeeper. She knows all the tips and tricks that exist!

24. Shopkeepers tend to take you seriously when you're with her.

25. A day out shopping with her most often feels like a typical girl's day out with your BFF.

She's more than just your mother. She's a friend too. It accounts for a wonderful time!

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26. When your mother asks you for your opinion on the things she wants to buy, you feel proud and valued.

And vice versa!

27. You never have to worry about not spending enough time with her. A quick shopping trip works.

28. Shopping with you always brings a smile on her face. And watching her smile brings one on yours.

Your mother is a guide, a friend, a partner and a bank! Who better than her to accompany you? She knows you inside out and makes for the best shopping partner ever!