Only one name can send an Indian girl into a tizzy – Zara. There are shopaholics and then there are Zaraholics. There are things you will only understand if you are a Zara maniac. Here are 12 such things that a Zaraholic can totally relate to.

1. The two most beautiful words that sent a flurry of emotions through you are “Zara Sale.”

2. And probably the only time you don’t mind standing in a never ending line.

3. You will never see better team work amongst girls than when they are raiding the new arrivals at Zara.

4. Saving money for you means collecting it to squander it in one go at Zara.

5. It’s the only place where guys go crazier than girls picking out clothes and shoes.

6. If you thought it’s not possible for one woman to carry a dozen clothes, bags and shoes at the same time, step into Zara.

7. ‘Smaller the thing, bigger the price tag’. Nuff said.

8. Every girl has a clear cut strategy on which section to start from and which to end on before they even step into a Zara store.

9. The Zara trial room isn’t just a place where you have to wait forever, it’s also the place where the most important decisions are made. “Are you sure this looks good?”

10. Even after shopping for 20, 000 you might still walk out of Zara in tears thinking of the things you couldn’t get.

11. When you’re not physically present at Zara, you find yourself on their website drooling.

12. It’s not a mall unless it’s got a Zara showroom in it.