Most of us go shopping either to kill time or when we’re in an urgent need of something. We don’t really plan ahead before stepping out of the house to buy things. And so, most often, our wants become our needs and we end up buying a lot of unnecessary things. It is one of those addictions that doesn’t harm us physically but gosh, the affect it has on our wallets? Super-depressing!

Here is a list of 16 simple hacks that will make you spend less and shop right. Here’s to saving money!

1. Make a list of things you need to buy before you head out.

I know it might seem like a tedious process but definitely better than letting your money slip recklessly.

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2. Avoid shopping when bored or depressed (or drunk).

Shopkeepers and salesmen make everything look better than what it really is, and you, as it is, feel like it’s the end of the world. Why do you want to venture out at your vulnerable worst?

3. Pay your bills before you go shopping. You’ll then abstain from over-shopping.

4. Don’t use your debit and credit cards for shopping. Carry a small amount of cash instead.

When your mind subconsciously knows you have a card to splurge on, chances are, you will splurge. This, on the other hand, will keep a check on you.

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5. When you’re buying groceries, choose food items that will last longer.

6. Take a picture of whatever is in your fridge so that you don’t end up spending on extra.

7. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘SALE’.

There’s a reason they’re up there. They tempt you to buy more than required and the quality might disappoint you. Be thorough with whatever you’re picking and why.

8. You’ll always spot the old stock first. So dig in enough before you buy.

Yes, shopping can be very tiring if you do it right.

9. Anything super-expensive you’re tempted to buy right now will be on discount after a few months. So have patience!

And who knows? You probably wouldn’t want it after a couple of months. This is a good trick to keep your impulsive side in check.

10. Set a shopping budget for yourself every month, and stick to it!


11. Keep track of the money you’re saving instead of wasting it on things you tend to buy.

Use Apps like Things I Didn’t Buy (TIDB).

12. Shop in bulk at supermarkets when holiday offers such as ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ are on the rise.

You wouldn’t have to pay a single penny, at least, for the next couple of months.

13. Shop at local markets for daily-wear. You can bargain, buy in bulk and save a lot of dough.

If you pick well, these clothes can actually last a lot longer than expected, and you wouldn’t really feel bad about losing them even if they go bad.

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14. If you have a bunch of favorite retailers, join their loyalty programs.

They come with more than one offers at your service.

15. Set the right filters for yourself on e-commerce portals. Especially, the price filter.

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16. If you’re a compulsive online shopper, block the frequently visited online-store websites you go to and uninstall the apps.

Unblock, when you need to buy, then block it again.

Hope this helps you shop well!