Life is a race. And it’s difficult to run that race with tiny legs. Especially when people around you keep telling you to keep up. Being short is tough. But being a short girl like me is even tougher. Here’s what we go through everyday.

1. Heels are painful and make our feet hurt. But for us, they are a way of life.

2. We’re jealous of how any tall girl can become a model, but the prettiest short girl finds it tough to make the cut.

3. A prejudiced world automatically considers us less attractive. Huh! What do they know? Short and loving it!

4. When we get clicked, we stand out. For better, and for worse!

5. When we date someone taller than us and he’s always “looking down” on us.

6. And then we always need to be on our toes to kiss him.

7. Gaining an extra ounce means becoming “chubby” or “golu-molu.”

8. Always having to get jeans altered for that perfect fit. FML…

9. For us, even a short dress becomes a long dress.

10. The most guys can come up with as a compliment is, “Cute.” Urgh.

11. We are forever in school.

12. We have to ask our taller friends or family members to fetch things when they’re out of our reach.

13. And here is what always echoes around us, “Rehne de! Tera haath nahi jayega!”

14. In school assemblies, you were always made to stand at the head of the line.

15. And in class, being a back bencher was just a dream. “Tumhe peeche se dikhega kaise?”

16. You feel like a rat while driving, with the seat pulled all the way to the front and your face right next to the steering wheel.

17. You need to get your sarees tailor made to get a perfect waistline.

18. Your friends pelt you with weird names like “chottu, githu, etc.” At these times, you just think “Bade hue toh kya hua…”