A girl’s life is often haunted by one recurring question “Do I cut my hair short?” or “Do I keep it long?” Whatever you go with, there will be consequences both good and bad. And that holds true especially for girls with short hair. Especially in India where long hair is considered a sign of “Indianness”, girls with short hair have to face a volley of questions wherever they go.

Here are 13 annoying questions short-haired girls are tired of answering:

1. Arrey, baal kaat liye?

No. baaki baal vacation pe gaye hai. They’ll come back in three days.

2. Kitne lambe baal thhe tumhare

You want that in metres or centimetres?

3. Waise suit kar raha hai

Oh wow thanks. I can finally die in peace.

4. Par lambe baal zyaada achhe lagte thhe

Nobody asked you Simon Cowell.

5. Yeh toh ladke jaise baal kar liye

I hope you’re a TV in your next life so I can freaking turn you off.

6. Ab jaldi se baal bade kar lo

Sure why not? After all I cut and grow my hair as per your demands, right?

7. Bob cut hai yeh?

Nahi. Brad cut hai yeh.

8. Boy cut hee kara lete

Forget boy cut, I think it’s time to freaking boycott you!

9. Ladkiyon pe chhote baal zyaada suit nahi karte

When were you appointed as the spokesperson of the entire universe again?

10. Razor cut kara lena tha

Are these words actually coming out of your mouth?

11. Ghar mein kisi ne kuch nahi bola?

Yeah, they asked me to stay the hell away from you.

12. Mom ne allow kar diya?

No but it’s ok because I’ve got permission from the Supreme Court.

13. Are you a tomboy?

Are you a dumbass?

At the end of the day, whatever you do, there’ll be a bunch of people giving their unsolicited opinions. As long as you are confident who gives a damn about the rest?