Who isn’t a sucker for goosebumps from a scary movie?

Watching something spooky at night is a big no-no for me, so a creepy little short film seems like the best thing to do. Tiny little slices of monsters and killers is always good to jolt you out of your regular monotony.

To that end, here’s a list of some short films that are scary as %$#@! Can you watch them at a go?

Note: No need to download these movies, watch them below!

1. Lights Out

This guy’s channel will sort you out for one creepy night. This little ditty plays on your fears of the darkness in an empty house.

2. He Took His Skin Off For Me

Equal parts creepy and strange, this one will have you going WTF for a while, but it does have a deeper meaning.

3. 2AM- The Smiling Man

This one scared me the most, weirdly enough. Something that starts out goofy ends up pretty damn sinister.

4. Bedfellows

You never know what to expect with a phone call in the middle of the night. Nothing good, obviously.

5. Mama

Most kids get happy when mommy comes home. With a mom like theirs however, it’s a little different.

6. Alexia

Brings out the hollowness of social networking pretty easily (and scarily)

7. The Little Witch

This one’s an old story adapted into a short film. Suffice to say, monsters aren’t always ‘under’ the bed.


8. Alma

I never knew Pixar could get this creepy. No jump scares here, just straight up horror.

9. He Dies at the End

What happens when you almost know exactly when and how you’re going to die?

10. HI

India’s most famous horror short story. Check it out!

11. The Black Hole

A scary little bit with a moral to boot. Don’t go for too much of a good thing I suppose… or something.

12. Behind The Door

Don’t you hate it when monsters can imitate voices, especially the one’s of your family?

13. Peekers

Old people playing creepy games is like my own little nightmare. Thanks a lot!

14. Jack

Where’d the clown in the jack in the box go?

15. There Are Monsters

There’s something taking over the human race, and these things are exactly like us…. well almost exactly.

16. The Passing

Detectives study the case of a missing child and a mysterious woman. Lots of fog and dark lighting for feeling.

17. Diner

A couple wakes up tied to their chairs with bags over their heads. You’ll never guess what happens next!

18. White With Red

Motels are the best setting for a full power scream fest. This short’s no different.

19. The Whistler

Who knew something so innocent as a bird could get so nasty this quickly.

20. Pictured

Another one from the maker of ‘Lights Out’. You know what to expect – Major scares!

21. Endless

The visuals in this are just stunning. Considering the budget it was made in, the one’s a favourite.

22. The Closet

Two girls plan a surprise for their mom’s birthday, but mother dear has a surprise of her own.

23. Red Balloon

Kids can be supremely creepy, as this one proves, much to her nanny’s dismay.

24. Behind Closed Doors

An animated short about how the only way to beat a monster is to become one yourself.

25. Doppelganger

Never trust what you see at first glance.

Can you sit through them all?