Trust the Chinese to do something outrageous.

A posh restaurant in China is offering heavy discounts to women who turn up in skimpy clothes. The skimpier the clothes, the greater will be the discount.


What’s creepier than the guy whose sole purpose in life is to measure the length of the skirt, is the way discounts have been assigned.

So if you’re wearing a skirt that’s 12 inches above your knee, you get an amazing 90% discount. But if you’re wearing a skirt that’s only 3 inches shy of your knee, you’ll have to be content at a measly 20% discount.

A spokesperson of the restaurant said:

“Girls like to show off their legs anyway. But now, they can get more than just sleazy glances. They can get cheap food!”

Erm. Wait. What!


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and find the shortest pair of boxers I have. After all, paapi pet ka sawaaal hai!