All of us have best friends. Some of us have them in school, college or at work. Others have their best friends living in the same colonies. But a few of us have our best friends living in the same house and in some cases the very same room. If you feel that your sibling is your BFF, here are 10 things you will agree with:

1. They keep all your secrets.

There might have been a time when they would run to your parents with your secrets but not anymore. Now they guard your secrets like a vault!

2. They protect you with their life!

They would hit you and punch you and mock you and tease you, but if anyone else on the planet even dreams of hurting you… God save them!

3. Fights never last long.

You’ve had some mad fights with your siblings but that’s okay, because they always get sorted soon enough. They are your siblings after all.

4. The best roommate you’ll ever have.

As the years go by, you will have several roommates but you’ll realize soon enough that none of them would come even close to being as awesome and special as your sibling.

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5. You discuss relationships and other problems.

It might be awkward initially but once you get close to them, discussing relationships and all of life’s other problems becomes the easiest thing in the world.

6. You guys share everything.

When you’re sharing the room, what can you not share. From the TV to clothes to the car to everything else in the house, you share with your siblings and that makes them special.

7. Including advice.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the sharing also includes advice. Your sibling will give you all kinds of advice about everything under the sun, but it’s usually worth it and you end up listening!

8. They take your side when parents don’t.

There are times when your parents just won’t listen to you. That is when your sibling takes charge. They’ve always got your back!

9. All your favourite childhood memories include them.

Once your grow up and reflect on your childhood, you will be forced to agree that every awesome memory that you had as a kid will include your sibling.

10. They’ll never leave you.

Even best friends sometimes say goodbye but not siblings. Distance might creep up sometimes but you’ll always find time for each other every now and then.

Siblings are the friends that God chose for us. They can drive us mad sometimes but we’ll actually go mad if we had to live without them. Thank God for siblings!