So, you’ve been investing in those lacy push-up bras and sexy thongs for years now? Do you have a chest full of lingerie for date nights? Or do you only wear thongs as a policy because it makes you feel desirable? Ladies, there is some bad news for you! That sexy lingerie might make you feel great now, but it is creating havoc for your body.

Here’s how:

1. That push-up bra which makes you perky now, will make you saggy before anyone else you know!

Research shows that push-up bras prevent your pectoral muscles from developing. These are the muscles which keep your breasts firm. If they are under-developed, your breasts are more likely to sag.

2. Underwired and padded bras will give your humps the not-so-lovely lady lumps!

Underwired and padded bras compress breast tissue and lymph nodes, block circulation and can cause breast soreness and lumps that come and go.

3. Tight bras suffocate you more than a bad relationship does!

Tight bras cause congestion in the lymph nodes. This effects their functioning. Now, that’s something you don’t want because our immunity comes from healthy lymph nodes.

4. Your body will fight that tight bra by growing cancer cells in your breasts!

A fifteen year long research study has shown a link between wearing bras and breast cancer. Tight and ill-fitted bras restrain toxins in the breasts, thus increasing the likelihood of getting breast cancer.

5. Thongs give you a sexy look. And yeast infection.

If you are already vulnerable to yeast infections, definitely avoid wearing thongs!

6. Thongs are carriers of unspeakable things! Hello, Urinary Tract Infections.

There is also anecdotal correlation between wearing thongs and frequent UTIs. Gynaecologists say that thongs become a carrier of bacteria from fecal matter to your vagina. I bet you’re rethinking your wardrobe for the next date night now!

7. That perpetual wedgie your thong gives you is chafing your skin in parts you’d like intact.

The constant rubbing on your skin also leaves you vulnerable to all sorts of infections.

8. If you have never had a bra leave a mark on your skin, you are a Goddess!

Skin irritation and tags are not limited to thongs. Ill-fitted bras also commonly lead to these.

9. Feeling puckish after just one drink? It’s probably your bra.

Some women have also reported nausea and dizziness from ill-fitted bras. I suppose being poked in your ribcage by pointy underwire would make one feel sick.

10. We like to be roughed up sometimes, but not by our bras!

This is specially true for pre-menopausal women. Research shows that discomfort and pain in breasts is increased remarkably by wearing a bra.

11. It’s not your boyfriend that’s giving you a headache. It’s your bra!

And it’s not just headaches. Hernia, digestive issues and heartburn can all be caused by a bra that’s not the right size.

12. Even yeast seems to think that satin panties are perfect for a night of love making!

Satin, nylon and other such synthetic fabrics are not breathable and are a perfect breeding ground for yeast!

The silver lining is that well-fitted cotton lingerie can minimise a lot of these health risks. If you are not yet ready to go bra-free, then make sure you pick wisely!

And don’t forget… nothing is sexier than wearing nothing at all!