You so wish there WAS some scene!

Abey yaar, tereko Ms Chandani hamesha zyaada number deti hai… scene kya hai?

No student life can be complete without falling for a teacher or a professor. It’s the most exciting feeling and serial offenders will second me on that. Deep down, we know that this will never lead to anything but we still go ahead and pine for the forbidden fruit!

Here are 20 things you will relate to if you’ve ever had a serious crush on your teacher!

1. That moment when they enter your class…

2. Class becomes your life and the frontbench, your lifeline.

3. Whenever they call out your name… mann me laddoo foota!

4. You remember the days of the week by the colour they wore on each day.

5. You’re the first person to volunteer whenever they need help.

6. And if they have back-to-back lectures, lottery lag gayi boss !

7. No chapter is tough enough when it comes down to impressing him/her.

8. You remember their syllabus by heart because their words are like poetry to you.

9. You bombard them with doubts. If you don’t have any, you cook ’em up.

10. You try to appear as the man among boys!

11. If they took home tutions, you’re the first one at their doorstep, everyday.

12. Bunking their class is just unimaginable.

13. In fact, you start looking forward to the parent-teacher meetings.

14. Girls/boys in your class always fade in comparison.

15. Cheating in their paper feels like a sin.

16. You can’t stand your classmates who dislike him/her.

17. And the day they are on leave, your life feels meaningless.

18. You wait for them in corridors, parking lots and elevators and act as if it was a co-incidence.

19. Your friends can’t really understand your behaviour.

20. Just thinking of them can transport you back to memories of that classroom.

Whether you’re still enjoying the student life or you’re past it, everybody falls for their teachers. Dare to share this article with that teacher?