In today’s world, you don’t have to look too far for evidence of humanity finding more inventive ways of destroying itself. But the truth is, we’re a far more compassionate species than we’re given credit for. And nothing highlights that more than this particular incident.

In the small village of Sarwapur, Punjab, the resident Muslim families had no mosque of their own until one of their Sikh neighbours stepped in and built one for them.


Joga Singh, a wealthy farmer in the village, realised that his Muslim neighbours had to travel almost 10 kms to Samrala town for Eid and to offer prayers.

As per the Speaking Tree , Joga Singh said, “Muslims had a mosque here and it got lost during the riots. So, by returning the mosque to the Muslims we feel we have performed our duty, which had been long overdue.”

Mohammad Jameel, a 32-year-old day labourer, said: “If our Sikh brothers did not come forward, we could have possibly never got a mosque in our village ? They are like our real brothers.”

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