DDLJ immortalised this name in our memories, and since then, many movies have seen a protagonist named Simran. But as far as we are all concerned, there is only one Simran in the whole wide world, OK?

Wait! Is your name Simran too? No way! Here are a few things life must be like living with that name:

1. For some strange reason, people think it's ok to ask you tumhare khwabo mein kaun aaya

2. And the more you try to tell people how different you are, the worse the teasing gets.

3. You are constantly told to go " jee le apni zindagi".

4. Even your Bauji can't save you from the teasing if there happens to be a Raj in the vicinity.

Maano, ya na maano. Jodi to kamaal ki hai!

5. Your friends expect you to know DDLJ dialogues by heart...

6. ...and you kind of do, because people will not let you forget.

Obama included.

7. "Your parents must love DDLJ, hai na?" is a question you've had to face many times.

8. Some of your friends are actually surprised that your father is not super strict.

9. People are so disappointed if you don't have a great love life, that you've just started making one up.

10. At least once, your friends have tried to re-enact the famous train scene with you.

11. You have been asked if you feel special to have a Bollywood namesake.

12. You greet anyone singing tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam within a 30 metre with a particularly dirty glare.

13. People just won't stop using the "palat... palat..." line on you.

14.You're fed up of trying to explain to people that real life Simrans are not like movie Simrans.

But then you remember the number of people you'd have to include in that talk, and decide to abandon the thought.

15. But sometimes, a filmy name can be really helpful.

Like when an airline decided to give you a discount because of it.

16. You're probably never going to have an awkward conversation where people forget your name.

17. And no one ever gets your name wrong for a order.

18. Most of all, whether you admit it or not, it's pretty awesome to have songs written just for you.

Dear Simrans of the world, you're putting new levels of awesomeness into that name every day. Think about it, there's gotta be a reason why Bollywood loves that name so much!