Valentine’s day approaches and love is in the air… for some. For the rest of us, it’s mostly just another day where you go through the debate of whether it’s better to be single or in a relationship. Well, whatever you think about the debate, there isn’t much you can do about it if you’re single. So here are a bunch of things you could do during the big ‘V’ that’ll keep you entertained and occupied. Check it out!

1. Watch a ‘Friends’ marathon through the day and half the night.

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2. Play counter strike/FIFA until you have blisters on your thumbs.

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3. Stock up on chips, chocolates and a host of other stuff that tastes really good but is actually really bad for you. Then proceed to eat them.

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4. Watch a bro film like Saw with your buddies and feel that sense of family seep right in.

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5. Spend the day exactly like you do every other day because why bother, right?

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6. Finally download Tinder and try your luck at next gen dating.

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7. Go out with a single girl and pretend to be a couple to get discounts at all the cafes.

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8. Chill in the mall and make fun of all the couples trying to make things special while secretly feeling bad about yourself.

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9. Drink away your sorrows with the finest (read cheapest) bottle of Cabernet you can find.

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10. Go to the local pet store and unleash all that hidden love on the puppies waiting for your affection.

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11. Browse through a million articles about how relationships suck and being single is the best thing ever.

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12. Go to a local landmark and imbibe some national pride.

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13. Hit up the local park and scare the multitudes of couples hiding in the bushes.

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14. Spend the day reading your newest book and enjoying the fact that you’re liberated from petty emotions… hopefully.

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See? There’s always hope, even at the worst of times (a.k.a Valentine’s Day)