Let’s face it. Being the only single person in your group is not as ‘cool’ as you imagined. You might be having fun going solo, but the second you turn around to your group of friends, you only have this one irresistible urge: To pull your hair out and scream!

Here are 14 struggles of being the only single person in your group.

1. Your friends never miss an opportunity to remind you that you’re single!

Tujhe dekh kar toh ‘Forever Alone’ meme yaad aa jaata hai .” Ugh.

2. Their constant PDAs, especially with you around, drives you crazy!

3. And not just in person, the PDA continues on social media as well!

From their wall posts and tweets to uninviting snapchats and instagram updates, they never stop!

4. You have to miss many group outings because they end up being double dates and ‘couples only’ events to you.

5. And since you’re solo, your friends are constantly trying to set you up with their people!

Remember that blind date you really didn’t want to go for? They forced you into it and it tanked! Big time!

6. You’re sick of the romantic-comedies your group wants to watch whenever you plan a movie night with them.

They can easily go on a movie-date. But, no. They have to ruin your movie night!

7. And Karaoke nights, where they end up singing love songs!

8. If you live alone, you can relate to the occasional “Yaar, can my gf/bf and I hangout at your place tonight? ”

A.k.a. a neutral and convenient ground for them to make out!

9. You’re tired of listening to your friends crib about their relationships, especially when they’re in a fight!

10. And the never-ending relationship gyaan on why you’re single and how you can find your ‘soul-mate’!

“Mill jaega/jaegi tujhe bhi, yaar! Tension mat le” – Stop talking already!

11. There are times when you can’t help but wonder, why you’re at all single?

“Is something wrong with me? Why am I the only one who’s single?”

12. Sometimes your friends and their relationship chronicles annoy you so much that you would want to stop hanging out with them!

13. You are extremely sick of the ‘I-feel-sorry-for-you-come-hang-out-with-us’ look you get from your friends.

So what if you don’t have anyone to make plans with for the weekend? You don’t want your friends pitying you! You might as well stay home and relax.

14. You really wish for your friends to cut you some slack and not presume your reasons for being single.

It’s not a crime to be single. And it may/may not be a matter of choice. In any case, you deserve better treatment and less gyaan !

You are happy for your friends, and glad that they’ve found ‘the one’ for themselves but you deserve a break from their endless ‘love-dose’. Because you are single, happy and doing just fine!