As Charlotte Gray said, “You can kid the world, but not your sister.” Not only does she know you inside out, she’s also been your backbone through ups and downs in your life. She is as much fun as she is mature, and is the best gift your parents can ever give you.

Here are 15 reasons why a sister is the best thing that can happen to a girl:

1. She is both your shadow and your reflection.

She always has your back and you look up to her.

2. She saves you from your parents’ daant.

You have lost count of the number of times she has saved your ass at home. Over the years, a lot of things have changed but she continues to watch your back.

3. You don’t need words to express your feelings. You both are masters of telepathy.

4. Her experience in life always comes handy.

You’re never too apprehensive or scared of trying something new thanks to her. She passes on her experiences and it’s almost like having a personal guidebook to life.

5. She is the best shopping partner you could have ever asked for.

6. Also, her wardrobe is like your own.

Because what’s hers is yours.

7. She is the best secret keeper.

You will never share all your secrets with your parents, or even your friends, but your sister doesn’t judge you or spill the beans.

8. Every night is a sleepover.

With her, there is no such thing as a boring moment. You can talk for hours and hours and still want more.

9. She’s seen you at both your best and your worst, and still loves you with all her heart.

10. She is someone acts like a best friend as well as a mother.

The best of both worlds in one package!

11. She is like an encyclopedia when it comes to ‘girly’ problems.

Be it relationships or periods, she helps you with everything.

12. Whenever you mess up, you know who to go to.

13. She is like your personal ATM.

With her around, money has never been a problem.

14. She doesn’t need a reason to pamper you with gifts.

She always gets you the cool stuff before they become cool!

15. She can read you like an open book.

There’s no point in lying to her because she would know!

Long story short, having a sister is the best thing that can happen to any girl. Anyone who doesn’t have a sister will never understand what it’s like to have one. You’re lucky if you have one!

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