Hello, people with skin problems! Having been at the receiving end myself, I can say that your skin might have been through a lot, making you want to give up on it. But, trust me, you are not alone. Pimple bursts at odd places, acne, pore clog and what not! They sometimes occur due to natural inevitable reasons such as weather-change, periods(for women) and skin infections; but most often because we don’t eat right and take care of our skin.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here are 22 easy tips to keep your skin healthy at all times. And no, we won’t ask you to buy expensive products here.

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1. Wash your face twice everyday. You don’t necessarily need a face-wash for the same.

But, if you have to use one, go for mild, neem-based cleansers. They work for all skin types. Also, don’t over-wash your face. Twice to thrice should be enough.

2. Eat almonds every morning. They naturally moisturise your skin.

If you don’t feel like eating almonds, have salmons or tuna. These basically contain fatty acids that reduce inflammations causing fine lines, sagging and blotchiness.

3. Drink lots and lots of water!

Your mother is absolutely right. Drink lots of water. Your skin will feel alive and so will you! Trust me on this. It’s working for me.

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4. Only when your skin is feeling too dry, like in winters, add a layer of moisturiser.

But if you have a naturally dry skin, apply a thin layer daily. Most often, we simply feel the need to moisturise our body daily. But that tends to make it more oily. So understanding our skin is a must before applying anything.

5. Try not to use too much of make-up on an everyday basis. It is very unhealthy for your skin.

Go for a once-in-a-while drill. Your skin will feel better.

6. We tend to conceal and put more make-up when our skin’s in trouble. Put an end to it.

If it’s trouble, it’s likely because of an internal reaction. Why add an extra substance on top of it and make it worse?

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7. Try the toothpaste-trick on that pus-clad pimple.

You don’t want to touch it or burst it. Just dab toothpaste over it as it will help you dry the pimple.

8. Don’t just focus on your face. Occasionally, try oil-massaging your entire body before going for a shower.

It acts like a natural conditioner for your skin. You could also make use of hair conditioners. Works the same everywhere!

9. Avoid the sun between 10 am and 2 pm. And if you can’t, wear a sunscreen.

Now, don’t just wear any sunscreen. Research on what SPF works for your skin-type. I’m not sure if you know this, but a lifetime of sun exposure can even increase the risk of skin cancer.

Source: medspring

10. Drink green tea 2-3 times daily. You can also try green tea scrubs . Works for all skin-type.

11. What you eat is what you wear. So, eat a proper balanced diet. More green veggies and less junk.

Lettuce, carrot, cucumber, fennel, etc. contain good amount of water and are easy to digest. They’re the best natural remedy to skin trouble.

12. Cut down on excessively oily food, aerated drinks, sodas and maida!

Which includes all your junk food, white breads, pakodas, pavs, etc.. But in case you end up eating a lot of these, neutralise the effect by drinking plenty of water.

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13. Pore-protection is important too, so avoid using products that contain too much oil. Don’t over-scrub your face either.

Your face is not as oily as it may seem. Cleansing it twice is enough to clean your pores. Doing more can actually increase acne problem .

14. Don’t be all over the place with what product to use.

Research well before you end up buying anything and everything.

15. Reduce your caffeine intake.

Don’t stop but definitely curb the amount you drink everyday.

Source: seattle.eat24hours

16. Go easy on your skin. Avoid strong soaps and cleansers.

17. Make your own face masques such as avocado, carrot and neem packs.

For example, a peeled avocado mixed with a tablespoon of yogurt can do wonders for your skin. Even mashing a couple of carrots and mixing it with 2 tablespoons of honey can go a long way.

18. Lemon juice mixed with egg-whites work in reducing black-heads and acne . Try it.

Source: crustabakes.wordpress

19. Limit your bath time and opt for a warm water shower instead of hot.

Even in winters. Hot water and long hours tend to take away the natural oil from your body.

20. Take the proverbial chill-pill every now and then. Staying stress free is easier said than done; but it reflects on your skin, so do it!

“High levels of tension can spike hormone production that leads to breakouts or aggravates conditions like psoriasis”

21. Quit smoking!

Yes, this is hugely affecting your skin. It makes you look older and lazier. Smoking actually depletes blood-flow to your skin and having an ignorant, “I don’t care about my skin” attitude is the worst way to go about it.

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22. Sweat it out. Try yoga, even.

When you sweat, you detoxify and lose all the sodium clogging your skin pores . Besides, if your insides feel healthy and rejuvenated, so will your outsides.

So yes, you do have to put in some effort. It’s your body, after all. If you cannot do enough for yourself, then I wonder what you could possibly manage for others. #ThinkAboutIt