Unfortunate occurrences are a common thing these days. We never know what might happen when. And sometimes we come across stories that simply renew our definition of the same. Here is one such story of an Australian girl whose only mistake was putting on a pair of tight skinny jeans!

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A 35-year-old woman in Melbourne, Australia collapsed after her pair of skinny jeans stopped the blood flow in her calf muscles!

According to Thomas Kimber, a consultant neurologist and co-author of the Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry journal article, “When she arrived, she had massive, really severe, swelling of both calves to the extent we were unable to take her jeans off without cutting them.

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Who would have thought those skinny denims would leave someone unconscious?

Furthermore, the doctors explained it to be a result of prolonged compression of nerves while squatting that had damaged her lower limbs’ muscles and nerve fibers, made worse because of what she was wearing!

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The funny side is that she was only helping a relative move house, and by Kimber’s words, had she worn something loose with elasticity, it wouldn’t have happened.

It took her almost 4 days to recover from the numbness of her damaged nerves. Indeed, a tough lesson learnt.


So, ladies, next time you put on those tight skinny jeans, avoid squatting and sitting for prolonged hours or you might end up in hospital!

This case was reported in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry.

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