Ever since you were a kid the one thing your mom told you over and over again was ‘Be more organised!’ But bad habits die hard! Your disorganised lifestyle has spread faster and stronger and now you lead possibly the most chaotic cluttered life ever! Nothing is ever in order, you’re never on time, and nothing’s where you left it! Here are 10 signs you lead an unorganised lifestyle:

1. There are at least thirty to forty folders present on your desktop at all points of time. And you have no idea what file is in which folder!

2. Your CD/DVD collection is so freaking confusing because almost every CD/DVD case has the wrong disc in it.

3. No matter how many times you try to get it in order, your wardrobe always ends up looking like a mad bull has rummaged through it!

4. Keys, charger, bills and remote – if you had a buck for every time you misplaced these 4 things you’d be a billionaire by now!

5. Your sleeping hours are so bizarre that you can’t remember the last time you made it on time to office!

6. There are days when you forget to throw the trash bag for almost a week and it’s only when the stink gets toxic you realise it!

7. Whatever long term commitments you start; be it going to the gym or learning to play the guitar, you end up missing it so many times, you just give up after a while!

8. You have lost your favourite stuff, books and even your mobile phone thanks to your habit of leaving it wherever!

9. If your maid doesn’t show up for one day, your room turns into some kind of prehistoric dust dungeon!

10. Half-written articles, half-watched movies, half-completed work – your disorderly life is a story of half-done things!