As Picasso famously said, ” The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” Indeed, art is not always meant to depict the sensible and plausible realities of the world, but rather the inexplicable feelings and perceptions that we experience all the time. Here are some sculptures from across the world that seem to echo Picasso’s words!

1. The Bull Fart Sculpture, Beijing

Chen Wenling’s famous sculpture depicts the Wall Street as a bull in this sculpture. The man being attacked is Bernard Madoff, famous conman who is said to have conducted the biggest financial fraud in the U.S.

2. Land Swimmer, London

Located on South Bank of River Thames in London, this 46-foot long and 10-foot tall sculpture was built courtesy the reality show “London Ink”.

3. The Silent Evolution, Mexico

This Jason de Caires Taylor piece resembles a lost city. It is part of the world’s largest underwater museum, situated in Cancun, Mexico. No doubt Forbes Corporation voted it as one of the most unique places in the world!

4. Giant naked Buddhas scaling a building, China

These statues were put up by an eatery in China. While they were taken down fairly soon due to protests over hurt religious sentiments, they continue to live in public memory as one of the strangest installations ever seen!

5. Les Voyageurs, France

Bruno Catalano’s eery pieces put a whole different perspective on office goers. Perhaps this will inspire all of us to put our bags down and claim our bodies?

6. Walking to the Sky, Texas

While we’re still talking about office goers, take a look at this sculture depicting the professional ladder we all aspire to climb. Jonathan Borofsky’s original piece can be seen at Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas; but copies have since been installed in Pennsylvania and Seul.

7. Die Badende (The Bather), Hamburg

This 67ft installation was actually an advertisement for UK based cosmetics company, Soap and Glory.

8. The Big Giving, London

This sculpture by Klaus Weber is based around a Native North American ceremony of competitive giving, where the more the host gives; the more his status increases. Admittedly we’re not very big on what’s being given here.

9. Traffic Light Tree, London

Apparently, this sculpture replaced a tree that died due to exposure to pollution. We must say, Pierre Vivant’s sculpture serves as a great reminder.

10. Nation For Itself Forever, Prague

As if it was not shocking enough, David Cerny’s installation also sprays jets of steam; taking commuters by surprise.

11. Charles La Trobe, Melbourne

Installed at the University of Bundoora, sculptor Charles Robb’s statue sends out a message that Universities should turn their ideas on their heads.

12. Peeing Guys, Prague

Another piece by David Cerny, these sculptures actually move around! The odd shape that the two men are peeing into is actually the shape of Czech Republic. A complex circuitry allows the two men to move around as the streams of water write quotes with famous Prague residents.

13. Würsa 18000Km From Earth, France

Daniel Firman calculated that the elephant Wursa would be able to balance her entire weight on her trunk at the distance of 18000km from Earth. Hence, this gravity defying sculpture.

14. The Giant Stone Vagina, Germany

This horrifying and strange sculpture by Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara adorns the facade of the Tubingen University.

15. Man and Skull, Prague

This statue, said to be inspired by a character in Kafka’s books was erected in the philosopher’s honour in front of the Prague Castle’s Daliborka Tower.


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