Recently, Social Catastrophe TV orchestrated quite a hard hitting social experiment where they set up a mock mugging in a subway in Connaught Place, New Delhi. A “mugger” with a handkerchief tied on his face pushed around a kid with a back-pack and stole his belongings. Quite shockingly, a lot of people refused to intervene, a few ran away and some even had the audacity to laugh as they stood by and did nothing. Here’s what happened.

But before you go judge the people you saw in the video, hear us out.

Social Experiments have gained a lot of currency in recent times and we come across one every other day. We feel that they are powerful mediums of inciting change and introspection in a callous, hypocritical and often cruel society. For that, they deserve to be shared. And will continue to be shared by this publication and others.

However, there is a flip side to everything.

After watching the video, we noticed that around the end of the video, a policeman enters the frame, at which point the video cuts to black.

We scoured the internet for more information, and we found several Facebook posts by individuals who were present at the time this Social Experiment was being conducted.

This is what they had to say;

Here’s another.

Ours is a flawed society. It deserves to be exposed and improved. But where does one draw the line? How far does one go to show this “ugliness” of our times? And when you do go too far, when a social experiment simply becomes a means to gain fame (or notoriety), does one not become “ugly” oneself?

You decide.