The one harsh reality we often forget when it comes to sexual abuse is that men too fall victim to it and neither the society nor the law is of any help. The LGBTQ communities of our society have been fighting for equal rights with respect to Section 377 for years now but we really don’t see any progress. This video contains heartfelt accounts of a some male sexual abuse victims in India who received no legal closure. Their anguish is unimaginable and will definitely make your blood boil!

A policeman was asked, “Do you think men can be sexually abused?”

He replied, “Ha Ha Ha… Agar aadmi apni raksha khud nahi karega toh kaun karega?”

This documentary was scripted, directed and produced by Osien Kuumar, Saumya Tiwari, Kulsum Bano and Saumya Sahni and re-edited by Scoopwhoop.