Don’t you love it when Bollywood’s greatest and hottest actors team up to give us something exceptional? Well, something similar is happening and we just can’t contain our excitement!

Remember when Abhay Deol and Lisa Haydon acted together in Aisha? Didn’t they sizzle on screen? History seems to be repeating itself  and by the looks of it the two of them are up to something yet again! If you guys have been following their social media handles, you know what I’m talking about. They are constantly teasing us by posting things like:

As if this hint wasn’t enough, the two of them went ahead and posted these videos:

What are these guys up to? Staph it with the teasers guys, just STAPH! Don’t you know curiosity killed the cat? Let the cat out of the bag and just tell us what is this ENVY?

We have a theory though. We think that Samsung might have something to do with this. The new Galaxy A8 also plays around the whole “envy” space. Well, our guess is as good as yours. Maybe, we’ll just wait and watch.