“Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

Nothing in the world makes more sense than this Carrie Bradshaw quote from Sex and The City ! Guys come and go out of our lives, shit happens, but the ones who are with us through thick and thin are our our soul sisters. As close as family and even closer than best friends, here are 13 signs that you’ve found your soul sister:

1. You don’t need words or expressions to communicate. You both are fluent in telepathy!

2. If there is anyone who is authorised to write a biography about you, it’s her.

She knows literally everything about you – from your past relationships to the colour of your poop.

3. It’s almost creepy how much you have started to behave like each other!

She is half of what you are and vice versa.

4. She’s not just your gossip partner but also your go-to-person for any problem.

You talk about everything under the sun from clothes to books to relationships to family issues!

5. When you’re not together, you’re constantly in touch over the phone.

So much so that you have considered moving in together.

6. From buying a new dress to getting into a relationship, she has the final say in everything you do.

7. It’s quite normal that she spends more time chilling with your family than you do.

8. You like the same people, and more importantly, hate the same people as well!

“Whaaat? OMG! You too?”

9. She’s your partner-in-crime in everything crazy you’ve done. Even a normal sleepover for you becomes an adventure!

10. You might make new friends but you know it’ll never be the same with anyone else the way it is with her!

11. You never have to worry about your weekend plans. If you’re bored, you always have a place to crash at.

12. You swear at each other with the choicest of abuses but dare somebody else do that!

13. Guys come and go but you know that she will always be by your side!

“Side by side or miles apart, we are sisters connected by hearts!”

Feature Image Source : smsyedd.blogspot.in