Moving to North India is quite a culture shock for anyone from South India. But the beauty of India and being an Indian is that you can survive, adapt and thrive anywhere! But sometimes, life can get a little tough for us. Here are a few little things that go wrong everyday;

1. No authentic coffee

No, we’re not talking about that instant decaf you call coffee, we mean the authentic “filter kaapi!”

2. No South Indian movies in cinemas

How come you guys remake all our movies but don’t watch the originals?

3. Everyone thinks we’re Rajni fans by default

And by the way, Rajnikanth never said “Yenna Rascala!”

4. Dealing with stupid nicknames

Come on now! Arikarasudan Muragapa Duraisami Thyagarajan cannot be that tough to roll off your tongue. Give it a shot.

5. Getting frozen during the harsh North Indian winters

I thought this was India, not Siberia!

6. Having to give geography lessons to our friends almost everyday

No, for the millionth time, Chennai is NOT in Kerala. And no, all South Indians are NOT Madrasis!

7. Paneer. Paneer in everything!

I mean, it’s nice. But seriously? In everything?

8. No beaches…

No waves, no ships, no sand, no sunset? *Sobs silently*

9. No one understands the South Indian head-shake. Yes, that’s a thing

Up and down means yes, side to side means no. How hard is it?

10. Getting scandalised (and drunk) at loud North Indian weddings

Rum, rum, rum, rum? Whiskey? But you have to hand it to them. They may be loud, they may be gaudy but boy, are they fun!

11. Can’t wear comfortable lungis in public

Why do you stare at my lungi? Do you know how good it is for air circulation?


South Indians have to struggle through all these kinda-sorta hardships on a daily basis. Even though it’s tough being a South Indian in North India, a lot of us do it. And quite a few of us come to love it. 🙂