If you are one of the western music enthusiasts, you have probably witnessed her rendering a beautiful melody at some concert or the other in Delhi. With a powerful vocal range, this wide-eyed beauty’s voice can stop time and raise hairs on your back.


A second year sociology student from Lady Shri Ram College, Sparsh Bajpai’s first attempt at singing happened purely by chance. When she was 7, she entered a competition in her school, giving first preference for the card-making category and only second to singing. Unfortunately, she was only allowed into the singing competition.

Although, half-heartedly she sang. But to her surprise, she won, and when her parents realized that their daughter has a beautiful gift, they decided to get her a private tutor- Mr Rajiv Nigam. But like every young kid, she wasn’t too inclined to take classes.


However, at the age of 10, she began learning Indian classical music and started singing as an alto with the Austrian Embassy’s Mozart Children’s Choir in Delhi. It wasn’t until she was 14 that she began singing professionally. She currently sings as a s oprano with the Neemrana Music Foundation in Delhi.

A huge fan of the Korean culture, language and music although she thinks, “it’s a bit bollywoody, without being bollywood”. She decided to participate in the third edition of the K-pop Festival that happened in Delhi last year. Well, not surprised that this time she grabbed the gold in the vocals category for the Korean song, Never Let Me Go by 2am .


One thing led to another and she was spotted by the Italian Embassy’s director while performing with the Neemrana Music Foundation at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. This chance meeting got her a solo performance at the Italian Ambassador’s residence, where she performed with one of Italy’s best pianist, Stefano Ragni. She has also performed at the National Centre For Performing Arts, Mumbai earlier this year.


Apart from singing, she enjoys anime role-play and revels in her alter ego’s name- Blayze Alexis Shenzii . She loves acting and would someday like to combine her two loves- acting and singing- and sing for opera. A slam poetry enthusiast, she does not write as much as she attends slam recitals. A firm believer in social activism, she can be spotted at every protest and peace march that takes place in the city.


This 19-year-old sometimes starts singing along with her favourite songs- 80s Indie bands, The Smiths, Queen, Cranberry and her recent crush- Adam Lambert- in the metro, only to have people staring at her. But when you’re an ace singer, who cares, right?

Get a taste of her beautiful voice here:

We wish Sparsh all the best for her opera singing future and hope to catch her show sometime soon.