Sri Sairam college in Chennai is considered to be a premier institute of engineering. It’s also approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Moreover, it has a kickass campus.

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But what use is the campus when you have absolutely no freedom? Worse, you face restrictions simply because you happen to be a girl.

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Now there’s a very fine line between discipline and tyranny. It’s not easy to balance. And perhaps that’s why, more often than not, many institutions end up crossing over to the other side.

In an age when instances of gender disparity abound, Sri Sairam College, Chennai hit a new low by releasing an outrageous list of restrictions ONLY for girls. Check it out.

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Little wonder then, that as soon as the list was uploaded on Reddit , users vented their much justified fury via their comments.

Moreover, one of the users, God of seamen , even highlighted how this is a case with several other colleges and schools as well.

Take for instance Pallikoodam, a high school in Kerala, that dictates girls and boys to maintain a ‘distance of at least one meter at all times.’


It’s high time that these educational institutes realize that learning cannot take place in a restrictive environment. Gender specific restrictions will never do any good. Grow up, people.