Indians are sweet people in general. So it comes as no surprise that the country has so much to offer to those with a sweet tooth. No matter where you find yourself in the country, there is going to be something to satisfy your craving for something sweet.

Here is a list of sweets that you must try when you visit these respective states :

1. Andhra Pradesh – Qubani ka Meetha

MAde of apricots, this sweet delicacy is synonymous with Andhra. Other amazing treats from the state include Tirupati Ladoo, Pootharekulu,Ariselu and Karijalu.

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2. Assam – Narikol’or Ladoo

Delicious coconut rolled into balls make this delicious sweet.

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3. Bihar – Khaja

Dough layered and soaked in sugar syrup. Yummy!

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4. Goa – Bebinca

Traditional Goan pudding is made with 16 layers.

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5. Gujarat – Basundi

Sweetened dense milk, flavored with saffron and dry-fruits. And A am Ras ! And Shrikhand ! And Gud Papdi !

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6. West Bengal – Rosogulla

Spongy, sweetness is goodness. Among countless others like Sitabhog and Mihidana .

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7. Uttar Pradesh – Balushahi

Deep fried goodness soaked in sugar syrup. Petha, Thuggu ke ladoo, malaiyyo, Pan ki gillori

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8. Karnataka – Mysore Pak

Rich sweet dish prepared with butter and gram flour. Belgaum kunda, Gokak Karadantu are other winners!

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9. Kerala – Ilayappam

Steamed in banana leaves, this dessert is light yet delicious. Kozhikodan halwa, Unniyaappams.

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10.Madhya Pradesh – Mawa Bati

Khoya Jalebi, Garadu (Yam) can not be missed at all.

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11. Maharashtra – Modak

Who does not know about the delicious favorites of Lord Ganesha? Can not miss Pooran Poli, Kataachi Amti and Santra Barfi.

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12. Odisha – Chhena Poda

Chhena Jhilli is another famous dish.

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13. Tamil Nadu – Pongal

Rice cooked with jaggery is a simple, yet exotic dish. Tirunulveli Halwa is another specialty.

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14. Rajasthan – Ghevar

The desert state has a lot to offer in the field of desserts. Mawa Misri and Milk Cake are amazingly delicious too.

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15. Manipur – Chakhao Kheer

Black rice cooked in milk makes this delicious dish. Madhurjan Thongba is another delicacy.

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16. Punjab – Pinni

Winters specialty. Loose form is called Panjiri which is just as delicious.

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17. Haryana – Gond ke ladoo

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18. Uttarakhand – Bal Mithai

Indigenous to the state, it is a must try. Singhori is also quite popular.

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19. Sikkim – Sael Roti

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20. Himachal Pradesh – Babroo

Made with dough and sugar, the dish is ideal for the mountain town.

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21. Jammu & Kashmir – Shufta

Loaded with dry-fruits, the Kashmiri dessert is delicious and hearty.

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22. Jharkhand – Anarsa

Sesame seeds are the biggest component of the sweet. Cashew nuts add extra flavor.

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23. Nagaland – Koat Pitha

Stuffed with goodness, this dessert is prepared by deep-frying rolls of dough.

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24. Mizoram – Chhangban Leh Kurtai

Bread and chhang make this exotic dessert.

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25. Arunachal Pradesh – Khapse

This Tibetan biscuit is a stoprehouse of energy more delicious than any nutrition bar.

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26. Meghalaya – Pukhlein

Rice and jaggery sweet prepared like a breakfast bread. It is delicious and filling.

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Khaane waalo ko khaane ka bahana chahiye!