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Apr 21, 2015 at 17:59

26 Special Sweets From 26 States In India

by Swetambara Chaudhary

Indians are sweet people in general. So it comes as no surprise that the country has so much to offer to those with a sweet tooth. No matter where you find yourself in the country, there is going to be something to satisfy your craving for something sweet.

Here is a list of sweets that you must try when you visit these respective states :

1. Andhra Pradesh – Qubani ka Meetha

MAde of apricots, this sweet delicacy is synonymous with Andhra. Other amazing treats from the state include Tirupati Ladoo, Pootharekulu,Ariselu and Karijalu.

Source: Mummynme

2. Assam – Narikol’or Ladoo

Delicious coconut rolled into balls make this delicious sweet.

Source: Thetezzy files

3. Bihar – Khaja

Dough layered and soaked in sugar syrup. Yummy!

Source: Wiki

4. Goa – Bebinca

Traditional Goan pudding is made with 16 layers.

Source: Potsoup

5. Gujarat – Basundi

Sweetened dense milk, flavored with saffron and dry-fruits. And A am Ras ! And Shrikhand ! And Gud Papdi !

Source: Blogspot

6. West Bengal – Rosogulla

Spongy, sweetness is goodness. Among countless others like Sitabhog and Mihidana .

Source: Whatscooking

7. Uttar Pradesh – Balushahi

Deep fried goodness soaked in sugar syrup. Petha, Thuggu ke ladoo, malaiyyo, Pan ki gillori

Source: Mellownspicy

8. Karnataka – Mysore Pak

Rich sweet dish prepared with butter and gram flour. Belgaum kunda, Gokak Karadantu are other winners!

Source: Bombay Tiffany

9. Kerala – Ilayappam

Steamed in banana leaves, this dessert is light yet delicious. Kozhikodan halwa, Unniyaappams.

Source: Explorefamousplaces

10.Madhya Pradesh – Mawa Bati

Khoya Jalebi, Garadu (Yam) can not be missed at all.

Source: Bhanwari lal

11. Maharashtra – Modak

Who does not know about the delicious favorites of Lord Ganesha? Can not miss Pooran Poli, Kataachi Amti and Santra Barfi.

Source: Sulpha

12. Odisha – Chhena Poda

Chhena Jhilli is another famous dish.

Source: Blogspot

13. Tamil Nadu – Pongal

Rice cooked with jaggery is a simple, yet exotic dish. Tirunulveli Halwa is another specialty.

Source: Hudson Canola

14. Rajasthan – Ghevar

The desert state has a lot to offer in the field of desserts. Mawa Misri and Milk Cake are amazingly delicious too.

Source: Pinterest

15. Manipur – Chakhao Kheer

Black rice cooked in milk makes this delicious dish. Madhurjan Thongba is another delicacy.

Source: StaticFlickr

16. Punjab – Pinni

Winters specialty. Loose form is called Panjiri which is just as delicious.

Source: Bhaiya Sweets

17. Haryana – Gond ke ladoo

Source: Potsoup

18. Uttarakhand – Bal Mithai

Indigenous to the state, it is a must try. Singhori is also quite popular.

Source: Blogspot

19. Sikkim – Sael Roti

Source: MyKitchen Trials

20. Himachal Pradesh – Babroo

Made with dough and sugar, the dish is ideal for the mountain town.

Source: Blogspot

21. Jammu & Kashmir – Shufta

Loaded with dry-fruits, the Kashmiri dessert is delicious and hearty.

Source: Media

22. Jharkhand – Anarsa

Sesame seeds are the biggest component of the sweet. Cashew nuts add extra flavor.

Source: Twitter

23. Nagaland – Koat Pitha

Stuffed with goodness, this dessert is prepared by deep-frying rolls of dough.

Source: Gayathris cookspot

24. Mizoram - Chhangban Leh Kurtai

Bread and chhang make this exotic dessert.

Source: Azara Ralte

25. Arunachal Pradesh – Khapse

This Tibetan biscuit is a stoprehouse of energy more delicious than any nutrition bar.

Source: Pinterest

26. Meghalaya – Pukhlein

Rice and jaggery sweet prepared like a breakfast bread. It is delicious and filling.

Source: Blogspot

Khaane waalo ko khaane ka bahana chahiye!

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