Having our family around at all times is a truly refreshing feeling. We love the taste of maa ke haath ka khaana, the comforting ambiance of our homes and all the family-fun that comes with it. But then we see our friends who stay alone making merry well into the night while we have to rush home in time for our 8 PM curfew and we realize what we’re missing out on.

Here are 14 things you can relate to if you’re the only person in your friends circle who lives with family:

1. Your friends think you’re lucky because you always have your family around to help.

You are lucky but there are certain drawbacks of being so lucky. Your friends will never understand.

2. Everybody depends on you for unlimited supply of roti, kapda and makaan !

Not because they don’t have theirs. But who else can fulfill their ghar ki daal cravings and cozy rajais ?

3. You have to think twice before making plans with them.

Time, permission, parents and what not! There are just too many hurdles you have to cross.

4. Your impromptu plans always come with questions and consequences.

“Ma, I am going for dinner. Will get late.””Where? With whom? What time will you be home? Why do you have to go? There’s food here!” This happens every time!

5. You’re extra cautious when your family is away and your friends come over.

Even if your friends ask you to take it easy, you can’t because responsibility becomes your only agenda. You know you’ll get into a lot of trouble if anything goes wrong!

6. And in case you plan a house party, you plan to stay sober! Really sober!

Hurrah! You’re having a party. But, guess who’ll have to clear the mess that you and your friends create after getting drunk?

7. And even if you’re drinking outside, you have to do so sparingly.

Because you have to be sober when you go back home.

8. You have to be extra careful when you’re carrying ‘illegal’ stuff.

Because even God can’t save you if they find cigarettes or condoms in your bag.

9. It’s difficult for you to call your girlfriend/boyfriend over even if your parents have met them.

Unlike your friends who spend weeks and weekends on the go with their better-halves!

10. You miss out on a lot of late-nights and road-trips that your friends plan.

It’s either because your parents don’t let you go or if they plan something of their own with you. And constantly expect you to take decisions like an “adult”.

11. You long for an independent, liberating life that your friends seem to have.

They do whatever the hell they want, whenever they want and however they want to. You, on the other hand, have to do what your parents want, when they want and how they want.

Source: Techagesite

12. When you visit your friends living in PGs and rented apartments, you feel a little awkward but extremely glad!

Your house never looks that messy. Your fridge is never that empty. Your bathroom is never that dirty.

13. Thinking about all the “freedom” that you’re missing out on upsets you at times.

You cannot leave your house (or even your room for that matter) looking like a dumpster! Your mom will throw you out. *sob sob*

14. But, you’re glad you don’t have to pay bills, buy daily groceries or put up with annoying landlords/ladies!

That exquisite feeling you get from hugging your mother after a long day is absolutely amazing.

You might feel envious of the kind of life your friends are leading. But guess who is missing out on all the family perks waiting back home?