Sometimes, your brain tells you contradictory things. You know what you’re doing is probably not the right thing to do. More likely than not, you’ll suffer for it, but try telling your brain that. Have you ever done things that you know that you’re going to regret later? Here are just some of the things that we are guilty of doing:

1. Drunk dialling your ex

You know, when it’s over but you’re not over it yet? You know that you’ll hate yourself for it, but it’s not going to stop you from calling him/her up and singing cheesy songs about how they broke your heart.

2. Sipping hot tea/coffee

You hold the cup in your hands, and you know that it’s way too hot. But before you can stop yourself, you’ve already taken a sip and burnt every part of your tongue. Bye bye, taste buds!

3. Intentionally buying tickets for a movie that you know is crappy.

You think you’re going to go in there, laugh about the plot and characters and come out after three nice hours of poking fun at it all. But ten minutes in, and you already regretting the decision.

4. Watching a horror movie when you know you’ll sleep alone in the night

You keep telling yourself that you’re too badass to be scared of a stupid movie, and it’s just a story with lots of loud music and people wearing make up. But in reality, you end up sleeping with the lights on, jumping at every little sound.

5. Bunking class knowing that you’re low on attendance

You know just how much hassle you’ll have to go through to get that fake medical report to make up for all the classes that you have bunked, but it’s just one class, and you’ll think about it later. Right?

6. Leaving your porn folder on your desktop

Especially when the volume is not on mute. What a brilliant way to let the world know about your tastes!

7. Spending all your money on that jacket you are never going to wear

It’s obviously a difficult piece to carry, and you can’t think of a single outfit that you can make it work with, but it’s just so nice!

8. Binge watching your favourite show on your prep leave

You tell yourself you’re taking a study break and you’ll get back to your books after one episode, and by the end of the day, you’ve rewatched all eight seasons and you’re screwed beyond belief.

9. Telling your boyfriend about your ex

Why does it feel like the right thing to do? Before you know it, you’re answering questions about what class he is in, when did you see him last, if you’ve spoken to him, have you been talking to him on phone…

10. Eating junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner

You have a fever, so you decide to order in all your meals from your favourite fast food joint. Now, you have a fever and loose motions. Brilliant!

11. Getting wet in the rain when you know you’re going to fall sick

Oh yay! It’s raining! I love it! Let’s get wet and fall sick for four days straight! NOT.

12. Pressing the snooze button for the twentieth time in a row

Five more minutes, five more minutes, just five more…HOLY SHIT I’M LATE!

13. Not taking that road trip with your friends while you still had time

You had your hands full, work pressure is so bad, you’ll make time next weekend…well, guess what? Stress is not going away until you make it.

14. Opting for a stream/subject just because everyone is doing it

Sab kar rahe hain doesn’t seem like a good enough reason when you realise just how much you hate it.

15. Spilling the beans on your friend’s secret

It’s a horrible thing to do, and you know it’ll come back to haunt you, but sometimes you just can’t hold it in.

Have you had any such experiences? Share some with us. You won’t regret it!