The 20s is a wonderful time in your life. Life is filled with countless possibilities and you are geared to deal with come what may. It is a defining time in your life, a time for friendships, for love, for dreams and a lot more. But it is not a time to chase after things like :

1. A degree you don’t really want

You chose to become an engineer or a doctor because your parents wanted. Do you really want an MBA?

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2. A job you’d rather not do

You want a cool job. The kind everyone around you seems to want. But you also know that you might not like it. Then it’s not worth it.


3. Material goods you don’t really need

So people keep telling you that you need to have a car. And you find yourself struggling to save up for it when you would rather take a Euro trip. And besides, you like travelling by the metro.

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4. L ove

Love won’t come to you just because all your friends seem to have found someone. Not necessarily. It will come to you when it has to.


5. No, don’t chase marriage either

You might have found the love of your life, but it still may not be the right time. No matter what everyone tells you, the right time is only when you are ready.


6. Success at the cost of wellness and health

If you keep thinking that you will start paying attention to your body later, once you are successful, you are making a big mistake. This is the best time to start.

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7. Too many things at once!

You are an amateur guitarist but you think you should try your hand at the tabla as well. And the drums. And the cello. Nope, bad idea!


8. To live by other people’s example

Everyone around you seems to be a protege and you want to be as good as them. Don’t forget you could be better than them at something else. Competition should be healthy, not obsessive.


9. Your past

You can’t bring back what is gone, nor change it by thinking about it (unless you have a time-turner of course). It is best to keep the memories and lessons you learnt from your past and start living in the present.

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10. What ifs

You are the sort of person who can think of a thousand things that could wrong if you opened the door in front of you. Stop thinking so much and start living! Though it is wise to think, it is foolish to overthink.


11. Someone else’s dreams

You really don’t need to be burdened down by others’ dreams when you can have your own!


12. Safety and security

Don’t be scared of taking risks at this point of time in your life. If not now, when?


13. Popularity

The real test of your mettle is not just being popular at the workplace for throwing the best parties or the number of likes on your Facebook account. It is much more than that. You could be popular but not well-liked.

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14. Other’s approval

The only person you need to seek approval from is you! Though objective criticism is going to help you grow, being obsessed about pleasing everyone will bring you down.


15. Physical appearance

You may be compelled to look a certain way or to chase people who look a certain way. But remember, their heart might not always be as appealing as they seem to be.


16. Social media updates

You don’t really need to know what happened to your colleague’s dog or your crush’s cat (unless they want to tell you of course). Stop trying to keep a check on others’ lives at the cost of your own.

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17. Toxic people

You know they are not worth your time. You know they are around you for their ulterior motives. So just let them go!


18. Comfort zones

You will be happy once you are in your comfort zone, right? Not quite. You will give up striving for more if you are in your comfort zone. So look for challenges, not comforts.


19. Perfection

Nothing is perfect. Imperfection is what makes life beautiful.


20. Idols

Though looking up to someone is good, worshipping an idol to the point of obsession is definitely not. Idols should inspire you.

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Make sure you spend your 20s chasing what you want to, what you absolutely must. Not something that everyone else is chasing.