These days people seem to be bonding a lot over whining. Whether it is about little things like food or parents not understanding you, or big things like not owning your dream car and constant failure, we love to be cry babies.

Take a death breath, relax and think about it. What’s the point? Stop complaining about how unfair life is and start working on it instead. Here is what you can begin with:

1. Not having a fancy house.

No matter how small or big, you at least have a roof above your head where you can sleep in peace. Most people in our country don’t.

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2. Food.

So your mother made ghiya this morning and you hate it? Deal with it. You have any idea how many people would be jealous of you because you get free home-cooked food by your mother?

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3. About how broke you are.

You know, we’ve all been there. Every day of every month. But we miraculously survive, don’t we? So stop cribbing about how broke you are because we are all sailing in the same boat.

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4. About the way you look.

Even the prettiest of people have imperfections. There is nothing wrong in having a crooked nose or a big mole on your neck. They make you, you. Be confident and embrace the way you look.

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5. Being single.

Enjoy it while it lasts. You will miss the single life once you are hitched.

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6. Getting dumped.

So you got dumped for some reason or the other. At some point in life, we’ve all been dumped. It’s okay. There is always something better waiting for you. Invest your energy in that.

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7. Bad relationships

Whether it is with a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or relatives, we all have bad relationships in life. Time to learn our lessons in time. It probably doesn’t matter to them. So neither should it to you. Let go!

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8. Being stuck in a 9-5 job.

This one is the most common. Every time I meet a friend, we happen to talk abut hating jobs for hours at a stretch. If you hate your job so much, muster the courage and leave. Cribbing wouldn’t help one bit.

9. Bosses

We all love to do this, don’t we? But what’s the point? Well, if it makes you feel any better, go on, but if it doesn’t, you are just wasting your energy hating somebody.

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10. Not having enough time.

Not enough time to sleep, not enough time for your hobbies, not enough time for yourself – we love repeating this. Instead of taking time to crib about it, let’s utilise it to do better things?

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11. How your parents don’t understand you

We all know the feeling a little too well. But believe you me, even though I’d probably never say it out loud, they almost, always are right. Listen to them while they are around.

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12. Failure

Life is not always a bed of roses. Sometimes you win, sometimes you fail. Make sure you get up harder and not bitter.

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13. Monotony

A monotonous life is boring. But there’s only one person who can change that – you.

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14. Being busy all the time

If you have time to whine about how busy you are, you definitely have the time to do something about it.

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15. People you don’t like

You know all those people you don’t like and keep complaining about? Can you do anything about them? No, right? Let go of the negative feelings. It will do you good.

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16. Celebrities and the things they do or don’t do

Ours is a country obsessed with celebrities. What they do and don’t do make way to the headlines and manoeuvre through our lives. What we forget is that it is totally their choice to do the things that they choose to. We really should relax a bit on this one.

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17. Governance

That’s our favourite think to chit-chat about. Politics. Namo. Kejriwal. RaGa. We can’t stop whining about the governance. But if you’re not helping to make it right, stop complaining about it being wrong.

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18. Life in general

We have just one life. Let’s spend time making the most of it.

Stop complaining already?