Apart from the perfect figure and perfect guy, if there is one thing every girl wishes for, it’s perfect hair! Speaking of, straight hair win the case, without a doubt. Wear them long or short, they make you look awesome anyway.So, if you are proud of your silky straight hair, here are few things that you must have experienced by now:

1. You save yourself a lot of salon expenses because your straight hair looks simply awesome just the way they are.

2. Even if you get ready in a hurry or dress shabbily, your hair manages to nail the look every time. Just brush them twice and you are good to go!

3. People never believe you when you tell them that your hair is naturally straight. “Sach bata, tune rebonding karayi hai na?”

4. Trying out a wavy or curly hairdo is exasperating. No matter how hard you try, it always straightens out within minutes.

5. You are use to getting a lot of compliments for your lovely hair. They often wonder, “Yaar tere baal kitne sahi hain! Kaunsa shampoo lagati hai?”

6. When you see other girls damaging their hair with hair irons and straighteners, you thank god for blessing you with straight hair.

7. Straight hair is one classic style that will never go out of fashion, because it complements western as well as ethnic looks.

8. Despite all the positives, there are downsides to having straight hair too. No matter what haircut or style you try out, you end up looking the same.

9. The fact that people just can’t keep their hands off your hair, is both flattering and annoying!

10. Hair streaks and highlights look best on straight hair. No two ways about it!

Straight hair is definitely a bonus, but ultimately it’s your dazzling personality that makes you shine!

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