Humans can be really funny. Especially when it comes to the kind of rules we set, some of which are so outrageous that they are funny. Here are 23 such crazy rules from around the world that defy logic. Read on and be surprised.

1. You are not supposed to die in the Houses of Parliament in the United Kingdom.

Because if you do, you’d be a given a state funeral (a public funeral ceremony on national television). Yeah! Sounds cool, but too bad, you’ll have to die for it first.

2. In Australia, porn with women having small breasts is banned.

The Aussies feel that seeing a woman with small breasts in hardcore action might encourage pedophilia. That’s very considerate of them, but what about those of us who have a fetish for small boobs?

3. You can’t flaunt spiked hair in Iran.

Or a mullet, or a pony, or a mohawk… basically any hairstyle from the West. And this is because the Iranian government doesn’t want the Western culture to get to people’s heads (in this case, quite literally). So how does one decide which style to go for? Well, they have a list of government-approved hairstyles to choose from.

4. You can’t have sex with a tigress in Iran.

Or any other wild animal. Wasn’t it illegal to have sex with animals in the first place? Well, not in Iran. Here, you can happily get up close and personal with certain domesticated animals without getting into a legal soup. What you may get though is Gonorrhea.

5. In Thailand, you should be wearing underwear at all times when you step out.

I still don’t get the logic. What if I want to go commando?

6. It’s illegal to buy women’s magazines in Iran.

I know you’ll say everything’s available online, but there’s nothing like owning a magazine with Scarlett Johansson on the cover pouting invitingly.

7. Citizens of Denmark can only choose a name for their baby from a list of government-approved names.

Don’t lose heart babies, at least you won’t be named Tiger Shroff (I’m guessing it’s not one of the 24,000 approved names ). And even if your parents want to name you something weird, they’ll have to take special permission from the government.

8. In Oklahoma (USA), you can be put behind bars for making ugly faces at dogs.

For those of you who already have an ugly face – stay away from Oklahoma.

9. In Tuszyn (Poland), Winnie the Pooh is banned from playgrounds.

Because Pooh is of dubious sexuality and doesn’t wear underwear. Now that’s surely going to confuse the kids.

10. There’s a ban on frowning in Milan (Italy).

What do you do when you’re in a restaurant in Milan and their cheese risotto is not to your liking? You say “Cheese!” Because frowning is just gonna make matters worse.

11. You cannot reincarnate in China without prior permission.

Well, in the first place, how do you reincarnate with permission? Anyway, this absurd law was China’s ploy of controlling the Tibetan Buddhist monks by trying to rule over one of their most holy beliefs of reincarnating.

12. Time travelling is prohibited in China.

The Chinese have a thing for banning things that don’t exist. Apparently, China has banned all films showing time travel as it believes that time travel depicts “serious” history frivolously.

13. Avatar (2D) was banned in China.

This one didn’t have time travel, but it still got outlawed. Speculated reason? The Chinese government did not approve of the political uprising in the film. But why did they not ban the 3D version? Well, that’s because they don’t have many 3D halls. Smart move that!

14. In Sweden, teachers cannot spank the students.

What does the Swedish government have to say to the parents of these kids? “Do not try this at home either.”

15. Throwing a snowball in Provo (USA) would set you back by some dollars.

Unless you are a snowman!

16. You can’t wear blue jeans in North Korea.

The North Koreans don’t hate the colour per se, it just reminds them of the USA. Enough said.

17. In Birmingham (Alabama), it’s a crime to have sex on the steps of a church at night.

I guess it’s okay to do it in the morning.

18. In Victoria (Australia), you cannot change a light bulb unless you are an electrician.

If you get caught in the act, you pay 10 Australian Dollars.

19. In Wilbur (USA), it’s illegal to ride an ugly horse.

Source: tumblr


20. Married women in La Paz (Bolivia) are just allowed one glass of wine in a bar.

Because it deems them unfaithful and that’s enough reason for their husbands to divorce them. That’s convenient.

21. In Torino (Italy), it is illegal not to walk your dog at least three times a day.

22. Flip flops are banned in Capri (Italy).

Source: healingfeet

Apparently, no noisy footwear is allowed here.

23. In Chelyabinsk (Russia), you’d be fined for driving a dirty car.

Who gives a fuck about you. The car should always be spick and span.

And you thought banning beef was ridiculous.