Superstition: Refers to any belief or practice which is explained by supernatural causality, and is in contradiction to modern science.

Some people take superstitions way too seriously. Modern science and its corresponding explanations just don’t make sense to them and they would rather believe in black cats, ladders, totems and what not. Being around such people can be quite taxing, especially if you don’t subscribe to these beliefs yourself. Here are 13 struggles of having superstitious people in your life:

1. You’re sick of hearing them say “Yaar, yeh toh sahi nahi hua!” , “My mom says..” and “ashubh” for every unusual occurring.

2. They’re the ones who’re superstitious but somehow you end up suffering.

3. Even if you tell them you don’t believe in superstitions, they continue to preach.

4. A long lecture follows every superstition of theirs that you really don’t give a shit about!

5. Thanks to them you know A-Z about all kinds of superstitions one can think of.

6. In fact, there is nothing you can do or say to make them less superstitious.

7. Before doing something new, they insist you eat dahi-cheeni!

8. Their belief in supernatural causalities often gives you a headache!

Every single thing can be explained because of some belief or the other. What shit!

9. When you’re with them and a kaali billi crosses your path, you have to stop too!

10. You avoid wearing certain colours on certain days when they’re around.

Even if you desperately want to wear that colour that day!

11. Or eat certain things because it either offends them or follows a series of bad expressions, lectures and what not.

12. You cannot joke about their superstitious beliefs because then they get mad at you.

13. You’ve eventually learnt to accept them with their beliefs, no matter the struggles they put you through.

But you really wish for some technology that would rid them off their biased OCD-like syndromes, full of random unnatural beliefs!