Most of us are a part of a group or a clique. They’re people we hang out with and fall back on from time to time. But some of us don’t want to, or rather can’t, restrict ourselves to just one or two groups. We don’t identify ourselves with one simple entity and over the years, have found great friends in multiple circles.

But, like they say, everything has a downside. Here are 23 problems you deal with when you’re a part of too many friends circles:

1. It is challenging for you to keep in touch with all the groups that you’re a part of.

2. You always have too many plans to keep up with.

3. On weekends especially, you often can’t decide where you should be.

4. If you’re with one group then the other gets mad for not spending time with them.

5. Your groupies expect you to know and remember everything they tell you.

6. And it’s not like you don’t try to keep up but come on, why hold it against you?

7. Trying to keep ALL your friends informed about everything going on in your life gets difficult.

8. And you’re fed up of recounting everything to everyone all the time.

Describing every event a thousand times to everyone is just too tiring.

9. Sometimes you don’t understand how you ended up knowing so many people.

It just happened. Probably because you changed too many schools, traveled around a lot as a kid or just like socialising.

10. It’s difficult for you to keep a tab on all the gossip circulating around in all the groups.

Even if you try to keep a tab and pay attention, you miss out on something or the other.

11. At times, you get confused about who knows what amongst your friends.

12. And you end up passing on the right information to the wrong person or vice-versa.

13. There are also times when you mindlessly start discussing things you’ve told one of your groups but not the other.

As awkward as it gets.

14. And then, they hold it against you for not telling them.

15. After a point, you feel like you need a logbook to remember who you told what, and when, because if you tell one, you’ve to tell the rest.

Because social media exists to blow your cover.

16. You avoid hosting parties because then you’ll have to introduce too many people to too many people.

17. And when you do, it often becomes a recipe for disaster.

Why won’t they all just get along?

18. Thus, you hold little party-like gatherings, one group at a time. Extremely taxing!

But at least your friends are happy, right?

19. It’s difficult for you to entirely relate to shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and How I Met Your Mother .

They have one group, many stories. You have many groups and way too many stories!

20. Your parents are fed up of the number of different faces they see you chilling with every now and then, and you’re sick of explaining yourself.

21. If you’re dating, meeting your partner too becomes less frequent because of all the other plans you’ve to deal with.

22. When you seek advice from your friends, you’re left with a platter of too many sabjis to choose from.

There is never one coherent advice to your problems.

23. And so, you’ve found yourself stuck in the middle of this vicious cycle of missing plans and then making up for them.

The number of plans you’ve missed and made up for are uncountable. And have often been a huge pain in the ass!

Having too many groupies is a crazy roller coaster ride but, on the bright side, you have found love and friendship in so many people, and you know you’ll never be left alone. So, ta-da, no regrets!