Many people say that studying abroad changes your life. But little do they realize that everything changes for you the moment you decide to do so. From the first application to your acceptance letter, the process of applying to your favourite foreign university is a roller coaster ride. So, here are a few things you will relate to if you’re one of the chosen few:

1. You know all the top universities in the world.

If there’s a world-class university in Timbuktu, you probably know about it.

2. Unlike most people, you KNOW which colleges form the Ivy League.

Ivy League = Yale, UPenn, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard and Princeton. And no, it doesn’t include every other college that’s considered ‘the best’ on the east coast.

3. Your parents repeatedly try to persuade you to apply to colleges that are near your vilayat waley relative’s house.

4. You have signed at least a million legal documents.

Thanks to that educational loan, a new bank account, application forms, et al.

5. Gaining credits becomes your life’s mission

You’re often seen opting for extra classes just to make up for all the credits that are required for that course you want to study. Nerd alert!

6. At some point of time, you desperately scramble through your old phones to find the number of that ONE teacher in school/college who was fond of you, just to get that perfect recommendation letter.

7. Your biggest nightmare is the SOP (Statement of Purpose).

Whether to write about that one ‘Environmental Club’ certificate you got in junior school, or not…that’s the question.

8. The only thing that occupies your mind almost all the time is, “how do I get that scholarship?”

9. You are totally comfortable giving long interviews over the phone or through video conferencing.

Because interviews in person are passe.

10. While your friends are busy stalking their ex-flames on Facebook, you are busy using your social media profile to network with fellow students who are applying to the same colleges as you.

11. You know the ISD codes of almost all countries.

Because you often spend your free time calling up University offices to clear your doubts.

12. You know what test can help you study anywhere.

Like for example, if you take the TOEFL® test , you can go anywhere. Literally ANYWHERE.

Source: TOEFL

13. Your vocabulary has improved significantly, thanks to all those crazy word lists.

Your friends look at you strangely when you say “I’m so ecstatic!” instead of “I’m so stoked.”

14. You are a walking-talking world clock, literally.

That sophisticated clock app on your phone is now redundant!

If you’re planning to go for further studies abroad, then in all likelihood, you’ve already started preparing. The TOEFL® test is your doorway to all the top universities. So go on, take the first step through the threshold here .

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