In case you haven’t heard, Subramanian Swamy kept his reputation as one of internet’s biggest pricks intact by tweeting that all homosexuals are ‘handicapped’ . Yes, you read that right. He actually tweeted that!

And going by this atrocious logic of his, here are 7 more sections of society who are utterly handicapped.

1. Anyone not pursuing Engineering or MBBS is handicapped!

Why? Because they’re not adhering to social norms. After all, we all want our kids to become engineers or doctors.

2. Any girl who wears short skirts or goes for late-night parties is handicapped.

After all, is this what is expected of her? Is she mad? Does she think she’s a guy?

3. Anyone who is not a boy child. Basically any girl child.

Because a girl child is a burden on her family.

4. Any kid scoring less marks than Sharmaji’s son.

Because that’s what kids are for right. To score more marks in exams than the neighbour’s kids.

5. Any woman who wants to study beyond college.

Beyond college? WHAT? What is she going to do with those degrees? Hang them in the kitchen while she makes round rotis?

6. Any person who is still unmarried in his/her late 20s.

30 and unmarried? What happened? What went wrong?

7. Straight people who are in a live-in relationship are also handicapped.

By this logic, both straight people and homosexuals are handicapped. So who the hell isn’t?

For the benefit of those who didn’t get this post, what we mean to say is that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. In fact, this aforementioned sentence in itself is highly offensive.

Who are the so-called straight people to decide what is right and what is wrong? Who gave us the right to decide how others should live and love? Just like there is nothing wrong with a kid who didn’t score 90% or a girl who wants to pursue a career or go for a party, there is nothing about homosexuals that needs to be discussed or defended.

So everyone just needs to chill out, especially Mr Swamy.