Girls are always talking about how the male attention span is lesser than a goldfish and that guys never do anything special for their women. There is a whole different side to that story however. While a lot of guys may not hold their heart on their sleeves and display every emotion that goes through their mind machines, they do try and make an extra effort for the ones they care about. Whether it's buying them chocolates for every occasion or just taking a bath more often, here are a some of the hints guys throw that girls just don't get.

1. Sending silly emoticons so that girls find us cute

We all might think it's stupid to send smileys and hearts, but we still do it if the person counts. For women, it's just another text message with no substance, but we're sending it because it's cute and seems like it could work.

2. Offering to buy them a drink screams 'date.' But they confuse it with party.

Offer to buy them a drink, which you think is a date but in India basically translates to call all your friends. Suffice to say, personal time turns into party time. When we ask you out to a drink, it only means one thing - a date!

3. Ask them out to a movie to spend some alone time.

You gather up the courage to ask them out to a movie, just the two of you. And then you reach the hall and it's her with 5 of her friends and you do the walk of shame back home. All we wanted was some alone time, together.

4. Brushing their hair out from their faces as an intimate gesture

The ultimate symbol of romance, that takes a lot of guts. But it goes largely unnoticed. Where's the love?

5. Changing the topic whenever they start talking about their boyfriends as a clear hint that we wish they were with us instead

A clear hint that usually just flies over their heads. If we change the topic ever time, you should take a hint... or not (But that makes you mean)

6. Always being up to talk, whether we're busy or asleep or half dead, because we want them to know we care

We sometimes drop everything to make time for them, whether it's a phone call or a 2 minute meetup. This too gets taken for granted quite often.

7. Prolonged eye contact to say we just can't take our eyes off them

Sometimes this works, sometimes it just gets weird. Either way, it's one of the only sure shot ways of knowing whether a girl is into you or whether she just don't give a damn!

8. Being extra nice to them because we like them

While we're usually extra nice to the women we dig, it's also fundamentally wrong because we should be extra nice to everyone. Either way, just be excellent to each other!

9. Buying them little gifts, which is pretty rare for us

Getting them things which scream more than friends, like necklaces and stuff, is something that only happens when we really like someone, but unless she likes you back, it's probably going on the wall of friendzone.

10. Making an effort not to hit on other girls while they're around as a sign of loyalty

This one is pretty much self explanatory. It doesn't matter if the hottest girl is kissing your feet, you just don't respond. That's a sacrifice we hope to one day be credited for.

11. Having eyes only for them even in a large group

Trying to spend as much time with them as possible, even if it's at a party with a 100 other people around. The things we do for love(or whatever this is)

12. Saying things like " Aaj badhi acchi lag rahi hai " to flirt with subtlety

Dropping flirty hints and thinking you're the smoothest criminal around while she goes about her chores innocently ignorant of your romantic purposes. Why can't life be simpler?

13. Agreeing to watch a romantic flick together, which is a crazy sacrifice

Sucking it up and offering to go for a romantic movie, even though they're the worst... Like so bad. Another sacrifice we make for the girls we like.

14. Drunk texting/calling, because we think about them even at our worst

Texting or calling them when we're totally blitzed out of our faces, repenting it later but secretly hoping that they know we think about them even when we're that drunk.

15. Making the effort to look sharp and smell cool

Looking and smelling our best every time they're around, even though we're the laziest bums around. I mean, we'll even wash our toes sometimes! That's crazy... who bends that much!?

And you thought we aren't romantic!