With the changing times, there’s progress being made in all fields, especially healthcare. This holds especially true for childless couples who can’t conceive. While adoption is a logical option, the choice obviously lies with the parents. As RT has reported however, there’s also a darker side, in the form of exploitation of underprivileged women who have to carry the baby and don’t know any better.

India has one of the most booming surrogacy industries in the world, and many see it as a good way of giving a couple a child as well as providing a poor woman with monetary benefit.

Some of the women feel extremely saddened to give up the baby, but see no other option to make any money, which ranges from $8-10,000.

However, other women they spoke to express nothing but admiration for the work being done and for the change in their monetary fortunes.

Dr. Nayna Patel has been providing this surrogacy service for more than a decade, and has had to face severe criticism from conservative groups around India. However, services like hers are one-third the cost of the same in the West, and as long as it is done responsibly, is a benefit to all parties. Watch the video below.