Indians are very sweet people. And by that we don’t just mean that we’re an amazingly friendly lot but that we just love gorging on all kinds of sweet, sugary dishes. We just love them! In fact, it’s the one weakness that most of us have that we kind of secretly enjoy! Here are 12 signs that say you have a serious case of sweet tooth!

1. The concept of dessert is part of every meal you eat. Even after having breakfast you have dessert!

2. For you, the most exciting part of a seven course dinner is the 3 course dessert!

3. Whenever you go for a buffet, you are always magnetically attracted to the dessert area.

4. During festive seasons, your entire meal consists of different kinds of sweets!

5. Everytime you are gifting sweets to friends or family, you end up getting more sweets for yourself.

6. You have secret stashes of sweets tucked away in different parts of your apartment for ‘emergency situations’.

7. Having an ice-cream isn’t a simple process for you. It’s about the toppings, the wafers, and the chocolate syrup!

8. You are even prepared to sell your internal organs if it means that you get to enjoy a lifetime supply of Nirula’s ‘Hot Chocolate Fudge’.


9. As a kid, you used to tear up sugar sachets and empty it directly into your mouth. Well, let’s face it you still do it sometimes.


10. Your idea of snack is ordering tons of jalebis and gulab jamuns and destroying it within minutes.


11. When you’re up you have ice-cream. When you’re down, you have more ice-cream!

12. You join the gym just so that you can reward yourself with sweets, sweets and more sweets!

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