Time is a train that stops for none. With the speed at which things go, it’s easy to get lost in the motion. A lot of times, stuff that we barely noticed or took for granted end up being some of the things that we miss dearly once we realize they’re gone.

These are some of the simple things in life whose true worth we understand only once they are gone:

1. The ex girlfriend/boyfriend you loved and hated equally

You both shared so many interests, it was like you were the same person. But at the same time you got on each other’s nerves way too much. The bittersweet experience of knowing you guys wouldn’t work is a memory that always lingers unexpectedly.

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2. School

While you were there, you couldn’t wait to get out. Waking up at those godforsaken hours and studying things that didn’t interest you were a pain. Once you’re out however, you realise that those times were pretty easy, plus your friends were always around. Next thing you know you’re totally missing school and BOOM! – Emotions.

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3. Homemade food

Your mom had to almost threaten you into eating fresh home cooked breakfast every morning. You’d ungratefully grab a bite and be off. You always frown upon the boring ghar ka khaana till you’re on your own. When Maggi and McDonald’s become your staple diet, you miss those simple, healthy homemade meals.

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4. The house you grew up in

While some of you might still be living in your ancestral villas, most people have shifted around quite a bit. The home you spent the most time in or made the most memories in is something you miss with all your heart once you move out.

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5. Money

This one doesn’t even need an explanation. When you have the money, you don’t think twice about living like a king. You never remember to save. But once it’s flown away faster than time, you miss it so much, it hurts!

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6. Privacy and your own space

Before Facebook and Whatsapp, relationships were more intimate and yet there was a sense of privacy. Nowadays friendships are more impersonal, and yet, there’s no way to actually cut off, be it from an ex, an unwanted friend or just from society totally. It’s impossible. We crib about privacy now, but we never thought about it back then.

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7. Being 18 and wild and free

There’s just no thrill after you’re past the legal drinking age, however childish that may sound. Sneaking around, doing stuff you’re not supposed to and being able to put on a grown up persona while maintaining your childish idiocy, that’s a fine line you can walk only when you’re 18.

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8. Free time to pursue your interests

You were too lazy to practise that banjo when you were in college getting stoned and watching Youtube videos, and now you’ve got a job where you type out numbers and all you really want is to rip it up with some funky country music. That’s when you miss those pointless days.

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9. People who speak your language

This for the people who probably moved to another country or a far out city. Despite the fact that you might not have spoken your family language that much at home, it still feels strange to suddenly not have anyone to speak it to. That sense of comfort is hard to forget.

Source – Thailand International Future

10. Childhood

Every kid can barely wait to grow up. But as we grow older, our capacity for easy happiness decreases as the things that can surprise us get lesser and lesser. That is when we wish we could go back to those simple times when little things spelt happiness.

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11. The local park where you spent your afternoons

The times you spent swinging in the park, competing with your friends over your monkey bar capablities and avoiding homework for as long as possible. Those moments weren’t appreciated at the time, but looking back, it’s right up there with your happiest moments.

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12. Indian liquor when you’re abroad

You spend half your life complaining about there being no Asahi beer on the Indian shelves, but you’re abroad for two minutes and it becomes your life mission to find some Old Monk somehow. Hit up those travelling friends or relatives, because you’ve gotta score!

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13. The single life

When you’re the only single one in your circle, you sometimes feel left out. You are on the lookout for the perfect someone, who you believe is out there waiting for you. And then someone amazing walks into your life. But no matter how happy you are with your current flame, there are always things you’ll miss about being single that you never thought about before. It’s innocent and totally natural, but still happens.

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14. Parental guidance

A lot of times we complain that our parents’ unnecessry rules make us feel claustrophobic. We fight with them telling them that they don’t understand us. But once we’re left to ourselves, we understand how precious that sense of security they gave us was. And then we wish we could always remain their little boy/girl, and never grow up.

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15. Friendships without the hassle of feelings

One day you’re two kids hanging out and chilling, then next day one of you has feelings for the other. The times when that wasn’t even an issue are nice to remember, and we often wonder how it happened so easily and effortlessly.

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There are many things we dearly know we’ll dearly miss, but we have to let go of. So, cherish the best and forget the rest.