October 13th is celebrated worldwide as the No Bra Day. After all, what’s a better way to celebrate your boobs than giving them a day full of freedom? So ladies, free your precious breasts for a full 24 hours and bask in the glorious comfort!

Here are 10 reasons why it’s awesome to celebrate this day –

1. When your boobies have been in the “Bra Jail” all day, it’s not a happy thought.

Source: YouTube

2. But when you can finally remove it at the end of they day, it’s utter bliss!

3. Bye bye bra! See you never!

4. When you want to explore the freedom going bra less offers you!

5. Unemployment suits boobs just fine!

6. It takes skill to be able to remove your bra from under your shirt. Lots of skill. And practice.

7. No Bra FTW!

8. There’s no greater happiness than to let your free boobies dance!

9. Because every woman will admit, bras are supportive but they hurt. And our beautiful breasts deserve some freedom.

10. And anyone who has a problem with this awesome #NoBraDay –

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