From talking to a friend in Honduras via Skype to booking movie tickets from the comfort of our homes, we depend on technology for a lot of things. But there are some who have to depend on someone else to reap the benefits of technology because all of this technology shit feels as complicated as a Christopher Nolan movie. Complicated and hard to understand.

Here are 15 amusing things technologically challenged people would say.

Statutory warning : Don’t blame us, if your BP rises when you reach the end (unless you’re a tech retard yourself).

1. “Sorry dude, I don’t have internet in my phone. I won’t be able to transfer the image via Bluetooth.”

Internet and Bluetooth, no connection at all.

2. “Of course I have an Android phone. See, this is the touch screen.”

Android => OS. Touch screen => Hardware. Again, no connection at all. Oh, by the way, OS stands for operating system. Just saying.

3. (While watching ‘Life of Pi’) “Hollywood’s amazing. They can even train a tiger so well.”

Ever heard of CGI? No? Well, I’m not surprised.

4. “Can you turn on your GPRS? I need to figure out the route.”

Well, if you’re still wondering what’s wrong with that sentence, please tag yourself in this listicle.

5. “Your phone has KitKat? Yeah right… Mere sar pe CH##TIYA likha hai kya?

As a matter of fact, yes! And it’s not only on your forehead bro. It’s written all over you.

6. ” Oye, COOLBOY ka wifi pakad raha hai yahan. Le lu uska? I won’t have to pay for my net.”

Awesome. Go for it. Let me also know if you get lucky. FYI passwords weren’t invented for fun.

7. “Dude, how do I delete websites from my history?”

Next time you visit, try going incognito. You wouldn’t have to bother then.

8. (Talking to an iPhone user) “Could you switch on your Bluetooth?”

Okay, I can forgive you for this. A lot of people actually don’t know that an iPhone doesn’t have Bluetooth.

9. (Admiring your new DSLR ) “Wow, how many megapixels?”

I don’t even know what to say.

10. “Dude, how do I send a bcc message on Whatsapp?”

BCC – Blind Carbon Copy. And by the way, this is not email, but at least I understood what you meant. Broadcast baby, broadcast.

11. “Hey what’s this Google Cloud? Is it like Sirius? A constellation or something?”

You were close this time. It’s as big as a constellation. Only that it’s virtual.

12. ” PC slow ho gaya hai yaar. It’s time to buy a new one.”

Ever heard of upgradation?

13. “No, I’m good. No need for NEFT. I’ll just deposit cash.”

NEFT – National Electronic Fund Transfer. Lets a person transfer money from one account to another at the click of a mouse. Why wouldn’t any sane person NOT use it?

14. “Dude, I need to buy a scanner. So many documents to scan.”

Or you could buy a smartphone with a good camera. You’ll save space and money.

15. (Looking at your iPad) “That’s a huge iPod.”

I agree that both of them differ just by an alphabet, but they are worlds apart.

So, how many of these can you relate to? Oh c’mon, admit it. I’ll judge you only a bit!