Let’s face it. You cannot simply ignore the rapid pace at which our everyday tech objects are shrinking. I mean, just look around. More and more ‘intelligence’ (read power) is being packed into smaller and smaller devices. Sure , you can say that it’s not new and that’s how modern technology evolves. But here’s a fun fact for you… a guy called Gordon E. Moore had predicted this trend way back in 1965 for integrated circuits! However, I am sure that he would have had no clue about the fact that it would also apply to these marvels of technology:

1. Computers

The first computer, ENIAC occupied the space of an entire freaking room…

Source: andrewchen.co

…and THIS a modern-day-easy-to-slip-in-a-backpack netbook with approximately 100 times more processing power.

Source: anandtech.com

2. Televisions

This is RCA 630-TS, the first mass-produced television set, which was one of the hot selling products all around the world during 1946-47…

Source: wikipedia.com

…and THIS is just another ultra-slim Full HD TV that you can buy these days.

Source: dynos.es

3. Cell phones Smartphones

This is Martin Cooper, ex-Vice President of Motorola, holding the first ever cell phone, the Motorola DynaTAC…

Source: mirror.co.uk

…and well, you can clearly see that we’ve come a long way from carrying cell phones that were like mini dumbells.

Source: huffingtonpost.com

4. Hard Disks

This is a state-of-the-art 250MB hard disk drive from 1979…

Source: scoopnest.com

…and THIS is a humble 128 GB microSD card that’s probably just as big as your fingernail.

Source: youtube.com/wwjoshdew

5. Car Engines

Back in the day, car engines were really freaking heavy. For instance, here’s Ford’s classic 1932 V8 engine that weighed over 230 Kgs and delivered a whopping 48kW of power.

Source: speeddoctor.com

And THIS is the new Ford EcoBoost engine which might be small but punches way above than its weight! Despite weighing in at a humble 97 Kgs, it’s way, way more powerful than the 1932 V8 engine. Hell yeah!

6. Cameras

This is Giroux Daguerreotype, the world’s first mass-produced camera that was made in 1839…

Source: gizmag.com

…and THIS is a pocketable digital camera that you can buy if you’re not really satisfied with the actually-not-so-bad picture quality of your smartphone.

Source: ephotozine.com

7. Pendrives

This is the first commercially available pen drive, the IBM DiskOnKey USB which had an amazing storage capacity (in the year 2000) of 8MB…

Source: wikipedia.com

…and these are a few cute little pen drives that have a modest storage capacity.

Source: skatter.com

8. Calculators

This is Anita Mark VII, one of the world’s first commercially available desktop calculators which probably took quite a bit of space on everybody’s desk back then…

Source: wikipedia.com

… and this is just another pocket-friendly calculator that you can buy if you prefer being a little old school.

Source: planmylife.com

9. Selfies

Yes, the human race has always been smitten by the idea of self-portraiture. However, back in the day you had squeeze in with all your friends into a mini-room of a photo booth…

Source: boardwalkphotoboothcompany.com

…instead of just extending your arm.

Source: pdhotspot.com

10. Dictaphones

Back in the 1920s, you really needed a huge dictaphone to record about 1200 spoken words…

Source: lawwtechnologytoday.com

…as compared to the palm-sized dictaphones of today that can record for up to 1200 hours!

Source: vpa-ni.co.uk

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