When we were kids, there were things that we were scared to death of telling our parents. Stuff like our grades or our girlfriends were just total no-go zones. Growing up comes with it’s own freedoms however, and one of them is the realisation that all of that was just in our heads and most of it was laughably stupid. Here’s a couple of secrets you don’t tell your folks as a kid but can easily reveal to them in your 20s

1. “The reason I scored high on my weekly tests in school was because I cheated. On each and every one.”

2. “Remember how you told me never to ride a bike? Well, I rode a LOT of bikes.”

3. “Since we all know it was happening, I’m just gonna say it. I smoke.”

4. “Remember that birthday where we were all drinking juice? That wasn’t juice.”

5. ” That strange scratch on the car that was never solved? That happened when I took the car out to impress my girlfriend/boyfriend.”

6. ” I never had a friend called Abhishek. He was just a guy I made up to take the blame when my smokes got discovered.”

7. “Remember that girl who used to come over to teach me Math? She wasn’t teaching me Maths.”

8. ” I learnt to drive way before you taught me.”

9. ” I drove under the influence at least once and I feel like an idiot about it. Never again.”

10. ” Remember how I had a recurring ‘eye infection’ that made my eyes super red and made me laugh like an idiot? Can’t believe you guys fell for that!”

11. “And also those purplish blotches on my neck that I said was a rash due to my muffler? Hickeys are such a pain.”

12. “My low marks weren’t because of my teachers. Some of my professors were actually pretty great! I was just super lazy.”

13. ” I didn’t lose that report card in Class 11. I burned it.”

14. “I have tasted all kinds of meat. Chicken is almost vegetarian.”

15. ” Most of the pocket money I got when I was 19 was spent on getting wasted. Even the money you gave me to watch Batman in Gold class.”

16. “I forced you to buy me that guitar mostly to impress people. And it worked!”

There’s no time like the present to let out those little old secrets. Laughter guaranteed!