Gurgaon has always been a slightly creepy place, with one wrong turn in the night leading to deserted roads that looks like They’ve been home to Jack The Ripper. Those fears aren’t unfounded though, because there are in fact a bunch of stories and legends about the underbelly of Gurgaon that have been making people walk just a little bit faster and farther for the longest time.

Read some pretty terrifying tales about G-Town below!

1. MG Road – Deserted stretch of road haunted by a dead woman

This stretch of road that’s deserted at night is said to be haunted by a woman in a white sari. Come nightime, she runs alongside people’s cars and apparently has bulging eyes and a tongue the length of your forearm . Interesting. Several BPO cab drivers have complained about this apparition, who some believe is the ghost of a woman who died here some years ago.

Source – newsnation

2. Saffron BPO Gurgaon – Most haunted place in Gurgaon

Built on top of a graveyard, This BPO is considered one of the most haunted places in the Gurgaon. According to legend, this company had a person called Rose who was basically employee of the month for every single month – punctual and hard working. One day, after a strangely long phone call, she went on extended leave, which was strange in itself. Her colleagues asked her landlord about her but were told that no such girl lived there. After an extensive search, they traced her family, who claimed that Rose had died more than 8 years ago. Her friends and colleagues were left traumatised and brain damaged, and the spooky mystery remains to this day.

Source – mysterioushimachal

3. Ashok Vihar Flyover – The spirit that misleads you

Between 1-4 am, if you’re driving on the flyover and happen to see a woman standing on the road, put the pedal to the metal and put enough distance between you and that hellbot that even a binoculars won’t spot you. She’s usually around there asking for directions, and if you stop, you car either breaks down or you just keep going in circles. Creepy.

Source – chulie

4. Sector 7, Gurgaon – The haunted apartment that turns residents mad

A ground floor apartment in this area is said to be haunted by some kind of ghostly presence that randomly turns on showers and lights around the house. That sounds more annoying than creepy, but it’s said that people who live in this house have way scarier experiences. They apparently started having hallucinations and mental disturbances and also started noticing strange shadows and unexplained noises . Locals believe it’s because of the soul of a man who was brutally murdered in the bathroom. Sounds more like a bad acid trip.

Source – fearandyou

5. Sector 56, Gurgaon – Paranormal activity

According to Pooja Singh, soon after she and her family moved into a new house here, paranormal phenomena became pretty common . They’d routinely hear knocks on the door with no one outside and lights going on and off on their own. The final nail in the coffin was when a remote toy car that a child could sit in started moving around on it’s own. Pretty sure they packed their bags after that.

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6. Sector 15, Gurgaon – Ghost car that kills

In the foggy winter nights of December, driving around this slice of Gurgaon isn’t exactly highly advised as it is. What might convince you to stay off though is stories people say about a car that passes you by going super fast. Most drivers end up following it, just to end up almost hitting a barricade in the road with the car nowhere in sight. In the low visibility, this ghost car can cause more than a fright, it can literally kill you .

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7. Cyber City, Gurgaon – Crying ghosts

According to certain rumours, when a school was being built near the Cyber City, the authorities were having a hard time finding securitymen to guard the premises through the night. This was because strange sounds of men, women and children howling in pain and anguish would emanate from the dark . By morning, the guards would be so traumatised that they would have fled without coming to even collect their pay. They apparently had a big old puja to settle things down, though it might just be a temporary lull.

Source – wallpaperup

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