When I was feeling low, they helped me cheer up. When I was confused, they showed me the right direction. When I was sad, they were the ones who cared. When I was happy, it was them who were the first to celebrate. When I was sick, they stayed up all night to make sure I was okay. When I was away in another city, they always checked that I had reached back home safely and had enough money in my account.


Our parents are the 2 people we can always depend on to stay with us through thick and thin and love us unconditionally. If I start counting the number of things I need to thank them for, months, or may be even years would pass. Here are a few things for which I can never thank them enough:

1. For standing beside me when society did not.

They keep scolding me. But dare someone else utter a word against me!

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2. For adjusting themselves a little to accommodate my modern lifestyle.

They were a little apprehensive initially when I wanted to move to another city, but they soon realised that it was best for me.

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3. To mom, for making sure that I am well fed no matter how busy she is.

Even if I am siting miles away from her.

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4. For answering all my silly questions when I was younger.

I was a curious kid and asked the silliest, and sometimes even the most embarrassing questions, but not once did they get tired of answering. Even now, they are a just call away for my silly queries about making that perfect dish or sewing the broken collar button.

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5. For taking care of me without expecting anything in return.

Who else but parents would do that for anybody? They toiled hard for me day in and day out and still do, without expecting anything in return.

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6. For giving me the last bite of the meal even though they hadn’t eaten at all.

For feeding me like a kid, even now.

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7. For helping me cover my new books every time a new session started.

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8. For handing down some great habits that I wouldn’t have followed if it wasn’t for them.

And for making me a perfect reflection of them.

9. For making me feel like the most special kid in the world.

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10. For saving the worried kid in me a day before holidays ended by completing all my project work.

With them around, I knew all would be well.

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11. To mom, for making the yummiest things for me for tiffin.

And also because she didn’t need an occasion to make my favourite dish.

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12. For throwing the most lavish birthday parties for me.

Also for giving me what I’d been eagerly wanting.

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13. For waking up in the middle of the night when I had fever to put a wet cloth on my forehead.

Thank you mom, dad. I am indebted to you forever.

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14. For their healing hugs which brought back the belief that everything would be all right.

A sad day would never end sad. Their reassuring words and healing hugs would fix it.

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15. For having my back when I did some mischief.

Which, by the way, happened quite often.

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16. For remembering even the tiniest details of my life.

From the time when I started walking to the year I graduated, they remember every little detail of my journey.

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17. For warning me when I was about to go wrong.

They had some magical powers and would always get to know early if I was straying in the wrong direction.

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18. For clapping crazily at my annual functions and making me feel special.

The feeling of seeing that spark in their eyes on seeing me perform at the annual function is still fresh and priceless.

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19. For putting up with my silly tantrums all the time.

Even when they didn’t have to.

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20. For being friends with me, more than just being a parent.

For understanding the complexities of my life when I was a teenager, and acting like a friend when I became an adult, I owe everything to you!

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And more importantly, for making us who we are today. I admit we’re not even half as awesome as they are, but with their blessings, I’m sure we’ll all get there.

Thank you ma, pa!